What is Microsoft Secure Score and Why Does it Matter?

Microsoft Secure Score is an evaluation of a companies security, the higher the score the more secure your actions and system are. To receive access you have to be assigned to a specific role in Azure Active Directory. It works in a variety of different ways, including: Configuring recommended security features Doing security-related tasks Addressing […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Network Safe From Cyber Criminals

There are several basics strategies that every business should implement to keep their network secure. Becoming a victim of a cyber security attack isn’t a matter of if, but when. With the number of attacks increasing on a daily basis, everyone is a target. There are some very simple things you can implement to increase […]

Why Are Cyber Attacks Increasing and Who Is a Target?

It seems like almost every day the news is talking about a major cyber security breach. Last week Bloomberg reported a massive breach of security camera feeds. This breach allowed the attackers access to view security cameras in massive corporations like Tesla, government agencies like police stations and schools, and even hospitals. So much of […]

What to do When an Employee’s Device is Stolen

With so many people working remotely, personal and company devices have access to a lot of company data. Some even have private business information stored on the device itself. This scattering of business data opens the company up to some serious security risks. One of the biggest risks comes from device theft. When a device […]

Security ALERT – Sonicwall Breach

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At Protek Support we like to keep our clients informed about any security breaches that could affect their network. As a SonicWall partner, the majority of our clients use SonicWall appliances for their firewall. Today, SonicWall announced a major security breach that affects their SMA 100 series products. The breach involved a coordinated attack on […]


Attacks on the vendors of managed services providers like Protek Support continue to increase in both severity and frequency. This week’s target was unfortunately the spam filtering service Mimecast, which the majority of Protek Support clients utilize. As always, Protek takes these notifications very seriously and immediately looked at our client’s Mimecast accounts to verify […]

Five Reasons Multi-factor Authentication is a Must for 2021

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Five Reasons Multi-factor Authentication is a Must for 2021 The dawn of the new year is a great time for new beginnings. For many small businesses, now is a perfect time to tackle some of those big ideas that got put on the back burner in the prior year, and we know there was a […]

Three Big Cyber Security Priorities for HR in 2021

Three Big Cyber Security Priorities for HR in 2021 It is often said that people are weakest link in cyber security. As such, cyber security should really be a collaborative effort between IT and HR. The IT provider or department’s job is to deliver the right technology, tools, and ongoing cyber security management. However, without […]

3 Reasons Employees Fall for Phishing Attacks

3 Reasons Employees Fall for Phishing Attacks A phishing attack is one of the most common types of cyber security threats. Phishing is the use of bait information to trick the recipient into opening, clicking on, or responding to a fraudulent email, phone call or message that is often crafted to look legitimate. Commonly, phishing […]

Five Key Considerations for Work from Home Hardware

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtually every worker in America was forced to work from home. In the mad scramble to keep people productive, providing secure remote access from personal devices was a fast solution. However, this was mostly a quick band-aid and largely unsustainable for the long haul. While remote access from […]