Tesla’s Model 3 at Two Hundred Thousand Pre-orders in 36 Hours

Tesla’s Model 3 will be hitting the streets in the next 18 months, however despite not even existing yet sales are topping the charts.   Within the first 72 hours of the pre-order being available the company has taken in 276,000 orders; each with a $1,000 deposit.   276k Model 3 orders by end of […]

Samsung’s Folding Smartphone is Here

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A new wave of pocket technology might be upon us, with this great news out of Korea. According to the Korean news site ETNews, Samsung will start mass producing the “smartlet” this year; for a 2017 release.   This smartlet as it is called, is the product of a drunken night between a tablet and […]

Tech Weekly: 02.29.2016

While new and flashy developments steal the headlines, technology and science know all too well that small incremental change drives us forward. This week on Tech Weekly we’re focusing on those smaller changes, that could have a huge impact on our day to day lives. Lets look at connection, communication and … conservation?   WIFI […]


Windows 10 tips

February is here, and even if it’s only the second month of 2016 technology already seems years ahead of its time. Artificial intelligence breaks the headlines as we approach valentines day. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the message is we should learn to love our new robotic overlords. This week on […]


January is coming to a close, and so far its been a great month for science! Innovations are abound and the gears are turning in our greatest minds, this week we will cover everything from Phishing attacks on the widely used LastPass properly named “LostPass” to HyperLoop travel. Here is your weekly tech update:   […]


  Tech Weekly is dedicated to providing you the most recent in technological developments. The world of science and technology is always changing and improving, making it hard to stay up to date, let us make it easy for you! From the ceiling to the stars, here are the 3 stories making headlines this week:   […]