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technology vendorHaving the right technology vendor can go a long way. How can you be sure that your business has partnered with the proper technology vendor? If you’re unfamiliar with the ways that a tech vendor operates, they might even try to rip you off and weasel more money out of you. One way you can know for sure you’ve made the right decision is by having your IT provider do the dirty work.


Protek’s vendor management service helps your business decide whether or not the vendors chosen are right for your business’s needs. As you might expect, some businesses jump at the opportunity to work with a vendor, but they don’t take the time to understand just what they’re getting themselves into. You want to know whether or not the vendor knows what they’re doing, and Protek can take care of these details for you. This way, there’s complete transparency in the relationship, and you’ll know what to expect and when to expect it. Here are some tips to help you find the vendor which is best for your business.


Technical Knowledge
The first trait of a quality technology vendor is that they know what they’re talking about. Some vendors have mastered the art of beating around the bush in an attempt to make it seem like they know what they’re talking about, but in reality they’re just spouting off about their services, which doesn’t help your business. Identifying these con artists when you’re not entirely familiar with the technology yourself can be a difficult prospect. You always have the option to take a crash course in the technology on YouTube, but business owners often don’t have the time to engage in this activity. This is one reason why outsourcing your vendor needs through Protek is the ideal solution.


Product and Service Quality
A vendor should be able to provide quality services for your payment, but not all vendors think this way. Some might try to provide you with low-quality solutions for a high price, and if you go in uninformed they’ll rip you off. Or worse, the demand on such a product is high, and they have a monopoly on the service. In order to avoid this, Protek knows where to find the best solutions for your business.


Legacy Technology vs the Latest Technology
Just because they are a technology vendor doesn’t mean that they deliver the latest technology designed to enhance your business’s profits. The best way to stay on top of the technology industry is to have a technology consultant like Protek aiding you in your vendor search. Your vendor should know what your business needs to adjust to the annually changing technology industry.


Staff/Vendor Compatibility
Your technology vendor must play well with others, and work with your internal IT team to find the best solution for your business. This includes working with your company’s schedule, as well as meeting the needs of your budget. If you hire a vendor, you should expect them to create a respectful and beneficial relationship.


If it’s practically impossible to get a hold of your vendor, you know you’ve made a mistake signing into a deal with them. You want someone dependable and easy to deal with. If you’re hiring a vendor for service, you want the quick and efficient services you expected when you made the deal.





Protek-FlatLogo-CMYK-05All of this leads to outsourced vendor management services from Protek. We can use our knowledge of both business and technology to help you find the best solutions for the best deals. Additionally, we can provide your business with the single point of contact to manage vendors for you while you reap all of the benefits. Contact Protek at (801) 999-4767 to learn more.