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Moving your office is a stressful time for all involved. Not only do you need to ensure everything is ready at the new location for your systems and equipment, but you need to make sure you carefully move your equipment and connect it properly in the new office. Protek will be there through every step of the way to help you transition with minimal downtime.

Some things to consider when preparing to move offices

Internet provider and speed

When choosing a new office, your internet connection should play a major role in making the choice. Will the office you choose have enough speed to handle your business? Protek can help you evaluate what is available at any potential office space and make sure you will have what you need. Once a location has been decided, we can work with your new internet service provider to cut over your service so you are up and running at your new location as soon as your equipment arrives.


Is the cabling in your new office going to be able to handle where you want to put cubicles and equipment? We can do a walkthrough of your new location to help you get ready for moving your equipment. During your move is not a great time to discover that some of the cabling in your new office isn’t connected to anything! Although we don’t pull cable through walls, we do have a vendor we work closely with to make sure your cabling is up to par.

Server room environment

There is nothing that can make your equipment fail faster than an environment that is too hot, has dirty power and several other cardinal server room sins. Proper airflow and power is essential for any room that will house a multitude of hardware devices including your servers, switches and firewalls. Prior to moving in is the time to make sure your server room environment will be optimal for your equipment.

Take-down and Setup

With all of the prep work done, the last step in the process is actually moving your equipment. Protek has systems in place to make sure we disconnect everything properly, and get it all set up in the new location, ensuring that everything is working before we walk away. You won’t have to worry about anything, and we can even do it after hours to help avoid any disruption to your production or employees.

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