The Growing Problem of Cyberbullying, Part 2

The digitization of everything has decreased the degrees of separation between everyone. While that interconnectedness has solved many problems, old and new, digitization has worsened one age-old problem: bullying. An online bullying epidemic is now pushing parents, teens, teachers and technology companies to try even harder to mitigate the misery inflicted on its victims. The […]

Sophisticated Spyware Finally Discovered

Smantec and Kaspersky Lab last week separately announced the discovery of a highly sophisticated advanced persistent threat that had eluded security researchers for at least five years. A previously unknown group called “Strider” has been using Remsec, an advanced tool that seems to be designed primarily for spying. Its code contains a reference to Sauron, […]

The Growing Problem of Cyberbullying

Smartphones are proliferating among adolescents, and so is cyberbullying. That’s particularly worrisome due to its potential contribution to the No. 2 cause of teen death: suicide. About 26.3 percent of the middle- and high-school students who responded to a nine-school survey indicated that they’d been bullied in each of the eight years the poll was […]

Bitcoin Hacked, Spreads Loss Equally

Bitcoin has been trying desperately these last few years to be viewed as a legitimate currency and a reliable alternative to paper currency. But setback after setback seems to plague the company, and on August 2nd a crippling blow was struck. Last Tuesday Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange, Bitfinex, was hacked, losing over $70 million of […]

FBI Launches Investigation into DNC Servers

The FBI on Monday confirmed that it has opened an investigation into allegations that the WikiLeaks email dump of nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails over the weekend might be linked to the Russian Government. Hackers connected to Russian intelligence agencies allegedly have been working to help tilt the United States Presidential Election. Hillary Clinton’s […]

Pokemon Go Servers Under Fire?

The popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go that has become an overnight sensation, experienced slowed performance over the weekend. Resulting from a possible hack on its login servers. This all happening shortly after Pokemon Go rolled out in 26 additional countries. The developers tweeted out this message to angry fans:     The issues were […]

New Security Flaw Targets Wireless Mice

Wireless mice and keyboards have been a staple for any office space looking for a clean cut look, and has been increasing in popularity steadily over the years. But it seems that even this innocent aesthetic improvement is now being exploited by cyber criminals.     Recently a relatively new malware known as Mousejack has […]

TeslaCrypt Ransomware Authors Release Master Key

Eset announced on Wednesday that it has developed a free tool that victims of all variants of the TeslaCrypt ransomware can use to unlock affected files. The criminal group behind TeslaCrypt recently abandoned support for the malicious software, Eset contacted the group anonymously using the channel TeslaCrypt’s operators offered to ransomware victims and asked for the universal […]

7 Ways To Spot A Phishing Email

Phishing Emails

Phishing attacks are one of the most common and effective ways for cyber criminals to gain access to your personal data, and wreak havoc on your computer. Worse yet, they are on the rise and costing companies and organizations around the world billions of dollars every year. Phishing emails find their way into at least half of […]

Damage Control: What To Do After A Phishing Attack

Despite all your vigilance and best efforts, a seemingly innocent email has revealed itself to be a malicious phishing attack. And unfortunately you unknowingly fell victim and franticly searching the internet for a solution.     Phishing emails have been increasingly difficult to detect with the naked eye, the average user cannot tell the difference […]