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Eric CEO



I get a great deal of satisfaction in being able to demonstrate and educate users on how technology can enable users/companies to get more intelligent. It’s the best part of my job and the reason I started Protek. My blend of technical expertise and business knowledge enables me to partner with companies to help them create internal efficiencies and increase their competitive advantage. Though I am a geek at heart, I love the outdoors and enjoy traveling, hiking, 4x4 offroad exploring, skiing, running and mountain biking. I have a wife and 2 boys that love to tag along and take advantage of all the incredible recreational activities Utah has to offer.
Jill Marketing Director


Marketing Director

Tyler Reactive Support Engineer


Reactive Support Engineer

I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology, and have been working in the IT field for over 10 years. I’ve worked in numerous states, but have found a perfect home in Utah. My spare time is devoted to computer games and spending time with my Fiancée.
Clint Reactive Support Engineer


Reactive Support Engineer

I have lived a very full life in a short amount of time.I have worked overseas with the military, fought fires with the Forest Service, and I’ve had a few security jobs all on top of working with computers for a good chunk of my life. I have always loved computers and one of my first jobs was selling computer parts to people so they could build their own machines. I have also built custom machines for clients and friends.
Denise Controller



I’ve been a Controller for the last 10+ years, and I love my job and the value I’m able to bring to management. I also absolutely love interacting with people (you don’t hear that much from accountants). I re-married later in life and together, my husband and I have nine kids that we absolutely adore. They range from 13 to 32, so our family life can be very busy but it's extremely rewarding!
Nerissa Accounting Assistant


Accounting Assistant

I love reading and cannot pass up a good romance or mystery novel. In my spare time, I also enjoy watching action movies along with the occasional horror film. I am a stepmom to 4 young children, as well as a soon to be mom of my own child arriving in the fall of 2017.
Craig Proactive Services Engineer


Proactive Services Engineer

My interest in computers began with graphic design and adjusting hardware to meet the needs of demanding editing software. It wasn’t long until that became the focus of my interests. My expertise in technology solely comes from hands-on experience and industry recognized certifications. Outside of computers, I’ve always loved collecting insects, raising aquarium fish, hiking, and camping. When time allows, I also dabble in some gaming and rocking out to some metal.
Cameron Professional Services


Professional Services

I am currently a senior at Herriman High School and also enrolled as a student at SLCC. I am not sure what my career path holds for me, but I have recently joined the Protek team as an intern to explore the possibilities available in the tech industry. I just finished rebuilding my father’s first motorcycle (a 1973 Suzuki 185J) and it will soon be back on the road again! In my free time, you can find me playing games on my computer or out with friends.
Deborah Operations Manager


Operations Manager

Alicia Service Coordinator


Service Coordinator

My background is in Operations, Dispatch, and Accounting. I have recently made my way to Protek, which I’m loving, and I’m very happy to be a part of the team. I enjoy spending time with my husband and two daughters, 14 & 11, who definitely keep me on my toes. We love the outdoors and traveling to as many places as time and life allows.
Kelly Reactive Support Engineer


Reactive Support Engineer

I ventured down from the land of Ice and Snow to seek my fortunes. After much pillaging I became bored and decided to turn my love of repair and tinkering into a career. Pursuing many different tech staffing companies and phone support jobs. I have come here to the land of Protek to further my skills, in preparation for Ragnarok. While in the mortal realm I enjoy various cheeses and drinks of man. I can be seen perusing scrolls, watching the motion pictures, and playing the interactive gaming cubes.
Al Reactive Support Engineer


Reactive Support Engineer

Always up for the next challenge.
Michelle Account Manager


Account Manager

Most of my early career was spent in the medical field, doing community education for a hospice agency. I eventually wound up in IT, and have loved every minute. I love serving and helping other, and my job at Protek lets me do just that. I’m a very happy and outgoing person who genuinely loves life. I have three amazing kids who make sure I never have a dull moment in life, and I love being outdoors, hiking, camping, running and biking.
Jason Professional Services Manager


Professional Services Manager

I started my IT career about 14 years ago, and ultimately landed the awesome job I have with Protek now. If I wasn’t working in IT I would probably be in the automotive field. I love cars, have had too many to count over my lifetime and love working on them. I have four kids and a cat that keep life interesting. Outside of IT, I love cycling, hiking and RC planes/cars.
Mike Professional Services Engineer


Professional Services Engineer

I started working with computers at a very young age and fell in love. I have been working in the IT field for 12 years on and off (specifically managed services for the last 5). I enjoy playing video games, movies, and spending time with my wife and 4 year old son.
YOU Our Next Protek Rockstar


Our Next Protek Rockstar

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