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Share with Care - Think before posting about yourself and other online. Consider what a post reveals, who might see it, and how it might affect you and others now and in the future. #CyberAware #ProtekSupport

Great handout we have been working on for a while. Contact us for a copy! #protek #cybersecurity

Spear phishing attack results from 5 test companies. Matt from Wasatch Security Awareness was able to get in to every client. #cybersecurity #protek

The most profitable personal identifiable information is login credentials. More important that social security number or credit card number! - Matt, Wasatch Security Awareness

Tips for Administrative Security with Matt from Wasatch Security Awareness #protek #cybersecurity

Lost keys from contractors or employees can cost a company thousands of dollars, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars just getting it rekeyed, not to mention the risk while the key is still valid. #protek #cybersecurity

Next up in our discussion is physical security with Greg from Pro Security Products #protek #cybersecurity

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