24/7 Monitoring

Protek uses the latest state-of-the-art tools to ensure your network is humming along properly. Monitoring is incredibly important for a managed services provider, as it allows us to know what is happening and receive alerts that helps us to be proactive about resolving issues. Our goal is to fix minor issues before they become big problems. Which is why we monitor several areas of your IT systems.
Internet Connection
When the internet goes down, many employees cannot perform their job successfully. With so many line of business applications and services relying on the cloud, an internet outage can mean big problems. We are alerted if the internet goes down at any of our clients main locations, and are able to contact the ISP (Internet Services Provider) to find out when the problem will be fixed and what we can do to assist. We also monitor the network to make sure bandwidth and traffic stay within normal ranges so speed and performance are not degraded.
Hardware Utilization
Many people are unaware of the underlying errors and issues that are happening behind the scenes of their computer. Windows generally won’t notify you that you are running low on disc space until it starts causing some serious issues. We get alerts when your computer is using too much space, memory, bandwidth and more. We want to make sure to resolve these over-utilization issues prior to them affecting your work.
If backups are failing and they don’t make a sound, would anybody even notice? Good backups are critical in a disaster. You don’t want to find out AFTER the fact that your backups have been failing for the last 6 months. You could potentially lose a lot of money and a lot of data. We monitor our client’s backups daily, and perform test restores on a scheduled basis to ensure backups are working properly.
Devices Connected to the Network
A rouge device on your network, that could have a malware infection can infect the entire network. Making sure we know exactly what is allowed access to the network is vital in keeping your network safe from attack. We create a network topology map of all devices with access to the company network, and label those devices accordingly so everyone can be on the same page about what can be potentially threatening.
Underlying errors inside devices can point to imminent hardware failures. Being proactive allows us to replace failing hardware when it is convenient for our client, and not at the last minute when it finally fails in the middle of an important project. We receive alerts for many errors that are signs of upcoming hardware failure. As these alerts come in, we make sure to schedule replacements as soon as possible to avoid any disruption.
Dark Web
The dark web is overflowing with stolen credentials. If your username and password is breached in any attack, it could be sold to the highest bidder on the dark web. We monitor the dark web for our client’s email accounts and notify them when the credentials appear so they can take the necessary steps to change their password within any service they are using.
Security Breaches and Vulnerabilities
Not only do we utilize next-gen antivirus solutions that use AI to determine when an attack is happening, we are also alerted to the attack through several different tools. These monitoring tools can also alert us to vulnerabilities within your network so we can make sure to close them before they become a problem.
Dirty power can wreak havoc on IT systems. Our power management utilities can alert us when power is becoming an issue, while keeping systems online during small outages. If power is consistently an issue, we can work with a 3rd party vendor to try to resolve the issues in the wiring.

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