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A Better Way to Manage IT™

Eric’s Crazy Idea

Eric Woodard started working in the IT industry in Utah over 20 years ago. He got tired of the “break/fix” mentality and noticed IT companies had no incentives to prevent IT problems; since they only got paid when things went wrong. As a result successful IT companies only thrived when their clients had major problems and downtime—costing companies thousands of dollars in lost revenue and wasted time.

Eric thought, “There’s got to be a better way.” and in 2006 he founded Protek with the radical idea that he wanted to make money by preventing IT problems; not from client’s downtime.

Eric built his business by creating preventative models for his customers and realized that the less they saw him for “fix-it” visits, the more money everyone made. Through this philosophy, Protek has virtually eliminated our customers’ downtime, security breaches, cloud migration, and compliance issues—all while increasing productivity and satisfaction.

See how Protek’s Better Way to Manage IT™ can make your business more profitable.