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Keep your information systems safe from cyber attacks with Protek’s advanced security tools.

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Defend your information technology from cyber attacks with reliable cybersecurity consulting services.

Why choose Protek for cyber security in Utah?

  • Understand your security risk with Protek’s comprehensive network assessments.
  • Implement immediate remediation for your high-risk security gaps.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Protek’s security team is monitoring your systems around the clock.
  • Get immediate response and remediation for any detected cyber attacks.
  • Stay informed about your system’s security status with Protek’s transparent communications and real-time alerts.
  • Maximize cybersecurity with CIS security controls framework

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An Overview of Our Utah Cyber Security Services

Strengthen Your Defense with Protek’s CIS Security Controls:

In Utah, our cybersecurity service provides a comprehensive solution for securing computer systems and networks using CIS security controls. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) developed the CIS security controls as a set of best practices to safeguard against cyber threats and enhance overall security posture for organizations.

We use the CIS security controls as a framework to evaluate your organization’s current security posture and identify any areas that require improvement. Our team of skilled cybersecurity professionals works closely with your organization to guarantee the effective implementation and maintenance of the CIS security controls over time.

Our services can assist your organization in remaining protected from cyber threats and establishing a strong and effective security program.

Partner With One of the Leading Cyber Security Companies in Utah

Enhance your cyber defenses with one of the top Utah IT security firms.

Benefits of Partnering With a Utah Cyber Security Company

Cyber Security Utah

Get a Complete Security Assessment From a Leading Utah Cyber Security Company

When you partner with our managed security services company, our security specialists begin by examining your IT environment to identify vulnerabilities that could leave your organization at risk.

We will then propose a solution for methods to assist you with:

  • Locking down sensitive data
  • Augmenting security systems
  • Preventing unauthorized access
  • Getting more out of your technology infrastructure

Our Client Risk Report provides an overview of the devices on the network along with a network risk score and analysis of each potential issue. We perform the assessment annually to stay updated on changes to your environment.

Protek’s security assessment and reporting are the most comprehensive of any offered by cyber security companies in Utah.

Maintain Business Continuity With Managed Data Backup and Restoration

Whether brought about by a cyberattack or a natural disaster, a loss of data can significantly impact your business.

As a preemptive measure, Protek provides managed data backup and recovery services to get your business back on track after a service disruption.

This service features full, automatic remote data backup, so even if a disaster strikes at your physical location, your data is ready so you can restore your business operations.

Protek’s data backup and recovery services are among the most reliable offered by Utah cybersecurity companies.

Utah Cyber Security Services
Cyber Security Services Utah

Improve Security Awareness With End User Training

Even with the most advanced comprehensive security tools and monitoring services, your last line of defense for cyber security is your team members.

Unfortunately, this last line of defense may also be the weakest link in your security chain.

Protek can help you overcome this weakness with the most comprehensive end user training program offered by cyber security companies for Utah clients.

Our End User Security Awareness Training focuses on educating your employees on the various techniques used by attackers and reinforcing company policies to protect your business, assets, and data.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cyber Security Services in Utah

How can Protek’s cybersecurity services in Utah help protect my business from cyber threats?

Protek understands the unique cybersecurity landscape of today and offers a range of tailored solutions to safeguard your organization against cyber threats.

Our experienced team provides:

  • 24/7/365 IT monitoring
  • Proactive threat prevention
  • Firewalls
  • Encryption
  • SIEM
  • Password management and access controls
  • Risk assessments

Trust Protek to deliver robust cybersecurity services in Utah tailored to your business needs.


What sets Protek apart from other cybersecurity companies in Utah?

Protek stands out among cybersecurity providers due to our commitment to excellence and extensive industry experience.

With 10 years in business and an impressive average client retention period of 6½ years, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

With a CSAT score of 97.6%, we consistently exceed expectations and provide the highest level of service and protection.


How can your cybersecurity services in Utah help with compliance?

Our cybersecurity services in Utah include assisting with compliance and ensuring your organization meets regulatory standards

We help you navigate frameworks such as HIPAA, GDPR, and industry-specific guidelines.

Our team of certified experts closely monitors evolving compliance regulations, ensuring your business remains up to date and avoids costly penalties.

With Protek as your trusted partner, you can focus on your core operations while confidently addressing compliance obligations.