3 Ways to Keep IT Services Simple (KISS)

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Keep IT Services Simple, aka KISS, is a sure way to find success in business. By keeping operations simple, the cost of doing business is reduced, there’s less room for error, and more people understand what’s going on. Your IT infrastructure is at the heart of your organization, keeping IT simple will help your business kiss many of its problems goodbye!

Compounding the problem of IT complexity is the nature of technology to become more intricate. While using the latest business technology becomes simpler for the end user, the back end becomes more complex for IT managers. Here are three examples of how business technology has a tendency to complicate things.

Three Ways to keep IT Services Simple

Growth Means Increased Demands on IT Infrastructure
A growing business isn’t simple to run. Of course, everybody desires their company to grow, but not everybody is prepared for the complex problems that accompany growth. A growing business puts increased demands on your company’s systems, like more data being processed and new users being consistently added. Ultimately, these are good problems to have because it means your bottom line is growing.

The best way to prevent growth-related IT issues is to plan for growth. Protek can help you make plans with our IT consultation service. We’re more than a break-fix computer repair company, we also know a thing or two about business. We’re able to combine our business knowledge with our technology expertise to help you know what solutions to put into place so your system can handle the increased demands you’re sure to experience for the next 1-to-5 years.

Mobile Technology and BYOD Support Complicates IT Security
Mobile devices make getting tasks done around the office much easier, but they also make the job harder for IT managers. The addition of every mobile device to the network means additional access points that need to be secured, as well as increased risks from devices being lost or stolen by identity thieves. Then there’s the hassle of managing the software on the devices so employees aren’t saving sensitive company data to an unsecure and unapproved third-party app.

Keeping mobile technology simple for your business means making extra efforts to manage how employees use their personal devices. This requires a well thought out BYOD policy that takes into account every possible risk, as well as having the right mobile device management software in place that fits the mobile needs of your business. Protek

The Simplest Way to Handle IT Support
Taking care of IT issues is a complicated responsibility, and it becomes increasingly complex as technology becomes more intricate and your business grows. Taking care of technology problems on your own can be a frustrating and expensive undertaking, and if you’re not professionally trained in IT, you may not catch all the problems and you’ll miss out on money-saving IT solutions.

Outsourcing your IT Services in Utah to Protek is the simplest way to support your complicated IT infrastructure. Taking full advantage of the KISS strategy, we’ve implemented RMM tools that allow us to resolve many IT issues remotely. Keeping IT Simple Stupid is reflected in your bill; because we’re able to offer remote support, our technicians make less trips to your office. This saves time and expense for both your business and ours!

KISS your IT problems goodbye by calling Protek at 844.796.1717!