4 Easy Ways Cloud Computing is Changing IT Services in Utah for the Better!

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Cloud computing is making everything easier for businesses. Companies utilizing IT infrastructures before cloud computing existed know exactly what we’re talking about here. A quick analysis of organizations before and after the cloud perfectly exemplifies how cloud computing is making revolutionary changes to the way we do business.

Just thinking about email, the most basic office intercommunication app, shows just how far business technology has come. Fifteen years ago, setting up an email application for your company would have entailed purchasing a server dedicated to hosting your email, setting it up, configuring the mail server, installing an email client on every workstation, configuring those email clients, testing incoming and outgoing mail, and hoping it all still works on Monday morning.

A server isn’t a hands-off piece of machinery. It requires dedicated maintenance from time to time, which means you would need an in-house technician or regular visits from a computer company. Either way, this is costly and ineffective compared to cloud computing.

Easy to Install
Compared to the old days, businesses have it a lot easier. They can simply call a company that offers business-class cloud solutions and it can be activated right away. Say goodbye to extra on-site hardware, expensive setup fees, and extremely long installation processes! Using a hosted business application over the cloud functions just as well as if the business had purchased a new server and hosted the app internally. Of course, you don’t want to simply call ANY cloud solution provider and pull the trigger, despite how easy it may be. Make sure you are working with someone who is willing to understand your business and your computing needs so you don’t pay for a solution that’s overpriced or underutilized.

Someone like Protek.

Easy on the Maintenance
With Protek, you won’t have to worry about any server maintenance. Taking care of your hosted server would be a snap for us, since we would be the ones hosting it. This means regularly scheduled maintenance, hardware refreshes, software updates, and security; basically, we cover all of the things you would normally have to pay for on your own. Paying an IT technician no longer needs to hold back your company’s expenses. Outsourcing your IT services in Utah will free up more payroll to hire staff that make your company money, such as marketing or sales team members, instead of leeching your finances to take care of your systems.

Easy on the Budget
Sure, cloud computing makes operations easier, but one of its biggest perks has nothing to do with the computer at all. In fact, these changes occur in the budget. With cloud computing, your company won’t have to delve into the coffers for server units and networking hardware. Because it is a contracted service, payments are made from the operating expenses, which frees up tons of coin for other purposes. An unforeseen server crash could cripple your budget, but not with cloud computing in effect.

It’s Just… Easy
If your business isn’t taking advantage of cloud computing, you’re missing out on a valuable resource that could save your company countless dollars. There are other ways that cloud computing can benefit your company, such as improved mobility, stronger network security, and business continuity. If any of these perks sound good to you, call Protek for IT Services at 844.796.1717 to make business easier by taking it the cloud!