5 Key Advantages of World-class Endpoint Management Software

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5 Key Advantages of World-class Endpoint Management Software

Technology is the life blood of modern business. Firms of all sizes should think strategically about information technology investments and partnerships. For small businesses, outsourcing technology management to an IT service provider is a smart move. IT service providers deliver deep technical expertise, proactive service management, and world-class software tools to remotely and monitor manage a company’s technology infrastructure. One of the most important pieces of software in an IT service provider’s tool set is their endpoint management tool.

What is endpoint management?

Endpoint management is the process of remotely monitoring and managing devices, such as servers and PCs, through a locally installed agent that can be centrally managed. With end point management, operating systems and 3rd party software can be remotely installed and updated, systems can be remotely monitored for performance issues and proactively repaired, and admins and service providers gain a global view of the total IT infrastructure inside a company.

Protek leverages world-class endpoint management to deliver our clients the following key benefits.

1. Visibility and control

IT service providers need broad and continuous visibility and control of all IT assets, including PCs, laptops, and servers. Endpoint management solutions deliver a global view of a different organizations, locations, and systems, while enabling fine-grained, drill-down visibility at the machine level. Technicians can leverage the tool to inspect organizations, groups of machines or individual devices. Broad situational awareness is vital for IT service providers, whose job it is to remotely monitor and manage IT infrastructure 24/7.

2. Automatic patch management

Protek proactively updates PC and server operating systems and selected 3rd party software quickly and efficiently. Keeping systems updated is one of the foundational cyber security best practices we implement. Protek’s endpoint management tool enables automation of the update process, allowing for scalable and timely execution.

Automation also helps deploy these updates during off hours, such as nights and weekends, limiting business disruptions. The endpoint management tool can also produce detailed compliance reports, which are useful for routine compliance reporting or for periodic compliance audits.

3. Robust remote management

Now, more than ever, companies and their employees are highly distributed. With the growth in remote work, users can literally be spread all over the globe. Therefore, remote management of PCs and servers is a vital capability. An endpoint management tool needs to detect emerging problems, such as performance issues or low disk space conditions, and properly alert technicians who can then proactively resolve these issues before they become a problem. Moreover, the standard software image in most organizations is highly dynamic.

Endpoint management can also be used to silently deploy new software programs and tools after hours or during other types of down time. These deployments can help minimize user disruption and allow for greater productivity for all users.

4. Policy-based IT automation

Managing diverse IT policy and procedures is another big challenge. Every organization and department can have different compliance requirements or software tools. An endpoint management tool needs to allow policy-based IT automation and management. This means that users, groups, and organizations must be logically defined and different update, maintenance, and management scripts should be configured for the unique needs of each group. The world is complex and the unique policy needs of different groups should be handled in a scalable and automated fashion.

5. Integrated cyber security management

Endpoint management is a critical ingredient in a company’s cyber security defense. First, as discussed above, correct patch management procedures keep operating systems and 3rd party software tools up to date and less vulnerable to exploitation by cyber criminals.

Next, it is vital to integrate the next-gen anti-virus (NGAV) solution running on PCs and servers with the endpoint management tool. These tools can detect if NGAV agents are not current with their updates or have been disabled entirely. It is vital have these tools work in concert to maintain full endpoint security.

Protek’s commitment is leverage world-class software tools to proactively maintain, service, and defend its clients. New or existing clients can learn more about Protek’s approach to endpoint management by setting up an individual consultation time with Michelle Lawson.