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Every business we talk to has unique IT needs. Some business owners feel like they can do their IT on their own while others hire a tech to help them when their issues are to complex. If you haven’t considered the benefits of IT outsourcing for your technical needs, it might surprise you how much it can take off your plate so you can focus on what you best. Your business.

Trusting someone to oversee this part of your business can be a difficult decision. Finding a reliable managed IT service provider might be even harder. The rewards of having someone proactively watching over your network far outweighs the pain of managing this on your own.

The Benefits of IT Outsourcing

There are positives and negatives to every decision but we find that our clients are very happy when they can focus on their business and leave the heavy lifting of running their IT network to us. Discussing the benefits and risks to your organization is key. Here are some things to consider:

Cost Savings – When you outsource, you more often than not always save money compared to hiring, training, and managing a full-time employee. By partnering with a managed IT service provider, you can save money. One of our clients loves paying our bill every month, because it not only saves him money, but keeps his network working more efficiently.

“Before Protek, we managed our IT in-house. Things were always going down and we were pulled into troubleshooting problems more often than not. Since moving to Protek, I don’t have to worry about my IT network. We have peace of mind with Protek on our team. This is one invoice I look forward to paying every month” Bill White Enterprises

Greater Control – By outsourcing your IT, you can have greater control over your IT budget. We sit down with our clients and discuss your network and the needs you will face for the three years. You can plan for these projects so you aren’t hit with an unexpected bill. We keep your best interest in mind and won’t suggest services and products you don’t need. As your trusted IT partner, we make sure you have what you need to meet all your IT business objectives.

Access to a Large IT Toolbox – Most business owners are really good at doing one thing, running their business. Imagine if you were really good at adding and subtracting numbers. All of the sudden you were asked to multiply and dived as well. It would take you a lot of time to learn this new skill set and be able to do it with efficiency. This is how we see IT. We live in this world day in and day out. Working with a good IT company that has been in business for several years, has experience with a variety of different types of clients, can resolve issues a lot faster than you most likely would be able to on your own. They have access to a variety of products and services that can keep your networking running smoothly.

Technical Expertise – We realize you might have someone at your office that is good with computers but hiring a professional in a lot of cases makes sense. Protek is proactively researching the best solutions to keep business networks running smoothly to avoid downtime. Hiring a professional IT expert will make sure you are kept in the know when it comes to Cyber Security. The techs at Protek have a years of experience and certifications. We are here to answer any of your questions and offer solutions to any sized problem.

Minimize Risk – Cyber criminals are always finding new ways to hack into small to medium sized businesses. You don’t have time to stay on top of all the latest security threats. That is our job. You can focus on what you do best. Your business. Protek spends a lot of time educating our techs about the latest threats and how to protect you, the client, from them. Our goal is to proactively look at your network so we can avoid these types of problems. If you have been reactive to security, there is a better way to minimize your business risk and avoid costly downtime and security breaches.

Risks of Outsourcing IT

Hiring the wrong company to manage your IT can put you at risk. It is important to do your research before hiring a outsourced tech partner.

Lack of Attention – We often hear that businesses work with one tech. The problem with this type of IT support, is that if that tech is sick or leaves the company, you are left in the dark. More often than not you have to start over with a new IT guy who doesn’t have a history of your network or IT plans. Protek has a team of techs that are available to assist any one of our clients at any given time. We keep detailed records of your network so any one of our techs can help you at any given time.

Downtime – There is nothing more frustrating then when you have problems with your IT network and you can’t get a hold of your computer guys. If an emergency arise, Protek has you covered. There is always someone on call to help you with your issue. Here is how we were able to help one of our customers when they were in a pinch.

“When our Email server had a battery backup failure, Eric came over to our business on a Sunday and got everything working so that I could meet my deadline, Monday morning. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous and very helpful from basic to detailed IT issues.” Newman Construction

Working with Protek

Protek is Utah’s premier outsourced managed IT provider. We give small to medium size businesses IT support, IT strategy, and IT solutions across the Wasatch Front in Salt Lake City, Utah.

At Protek, we believe there is a better way of doing IT. If you’re being reactive, chasing fires, and waiting on your designated tech to fit you into their schedule, then you’re doing it wrong. The Pro in Protek stands for proactive, and it’s a word we live by. Our culture is built on that rock. It means we’re always there, watching your network, constantly solving potential issues before they become problems.

Unlike other IT models who only make money when there is a problem – we make money when your business is running smoothly. It’s the way it should be.

We use best practice methodologies and best of breed tools to provide a total customer experience in IT support. The results you experience will provide increased productivity, lower operating costs and a greater ability for you to focus on your core Competency. No downtime is our goal. You don’t need to be worried about the next problem around the corner, you just need to know your system is healthy and that the strategy is flawless.

IT Outsourcing shouldn’t cause you to panic. When you work with an IT Support company like Protek, you will feel confident that you have a technology partner on your team.