7 Ways Your Business Devices Are Costing You Money

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There are a lot of things that effect your business bottom line but have you ever considered your business devices costing you money? Most businesses try to get the most lifetime value out of their devices. We get it. No one likes to spend money on something that doesn’t appear to be broken. Let’s take a closer look at why updating your business devices might actually be a very cost effective decision.

Are Your Business Devices Costing You Money?

Here are 7 ways your business devices might be not be keeping you up to pace and actually costing your money:

  1. Outdated  – If you have a PC that is over 4 years old, it could potentially be costing your business thousands in maintenance, repairs and lost productivity. It is more cost effective to keep equipment up to date than it is to try and find parts for your old equipment. Keep track of your inventory and the purchase date of it. Track what type of repairs or replacement parts you have had to make on it. This will help you be able to decide when It is more cost effective to replace or repair.
  2. Startup Time – Older equipment is 28 times slower on the average than newer models. Battery life on an old devices don’t last as long. This could result in downtime and lost productivity. If you are under a deadline and you can’t work faster and more effectively, it might be time to replace slower equipment. Are you and your employees spending more time trying to accomplish tasks because your equipment isn’t working properly? If so, it is time to upgrade.
  3. VulnerabilityCyber attacks are on the rise and have affected roughly 50% of all small businesses. Most breaches cost a small business roughly 84 thousand in recovery costs. Newer devices have built in security components that help combat the event of a breech.
  4. Hard to Manage – IT partners have a hard time servicing, supporting, and maintaining older devices. Warranties are limited and older equipment can cost up to 20% more just to keep it running effectively.
  5. Slow Run Time – Older equipment is not always able to run newer apps, programs and applications. There comes a point when you are not able to keep up with the times because technology for your business is innovating and changing. You need to make sure your equipment is able to keep up and is running the business programs you need it to.
  6. Straining Your Network – Do you have too many users on your business network? This would include your internet bandwidth as well as your actual network infrastructure. At some point your network in both cases is going to be tested and you will have to make a hard decision of having to upgrade to meet the needs of your team. It takes a lot of bandwidth and infrastructure to run your network.
  7. Plan for the Future – Don’t just think about your needs today. Look at the future and make sure the equipment you are using can grow with you and your business. Invest in equipment that allows this growth to happen.

If you are not sure whether you should repair or replace your IT equipment, contact your trusted IT adviser. They can help you evaluate what is going on with your IT network and help you decide if your devices are costing you money. At Protek, we help you take an in-depth look at your entire infrastructure to make sure you aren’t spending more money than you should on IT. We can also help you create a plan to update your devices if needed. Reach out to us today, and we would be happy to help you.

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