9 Ways You Can Extend Your Device’s Battery Life

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There is nothing more frustrating than picking up your device only to find out that it isn’t charged. If your devices are like mine, they quickly lose battery life and leave you in a pinch when you need them. There are several things you can do to extend your device’s battery life. It might surprise you how simple it is to make a few adjustments and stop the drain.

9 Ways You Can Extend Your Device’s Battery Life

Here are a few ways you can stop the drain on your device’s battery life:

  1. Dim screen brightness – It shouldn’t be any surprise that one of the easiest things you can do to extend your phone’s battery life is to dim your screen’s brightness. Lighting all the pixels on your device requires a lot of energy. In fact, this has been identified as the single biggest battery drain found. For example, if you adjust your phone to half the brightness, the same phone can last almost double the time than one that is on the highest setting.
  2. Charge Smart – You want to be careful when you charge your device. If you try to quickly top off your battery, this can actual wear it out over time. If you have extra time to spare, it is better to plug into a regular charger and let it take a few hours to charge. Make sure you take it off the charging doc when it is finished powering up. If you leave it on too long once it is charged, that will also hurt your battery life.
  3. Disable WiFi – If your WiFi signal is poor, then your device will require more power to transmit and receive data. If you know you are going to be in a place where connecting to WiFi is a struggle, it will take more power to hunt for one than it does to just wait until you have an available internet source.
  4. Turnoff Bluetooth – Turn off Bluetooth when you don’t need it. Swipe up on your device to see if Bluetooth is on. Bluetooth is a battery drainer. When you done using it, make it a habit to disconnect to save your battery life.
  5. Turn on Airplane Mode – If you are running low on battery life, put your phone on airplane mode until you need to use it again. Airplane Mode will turn off several features that use up power including Bluetooth and WiFi. You can turn those on manually on Airplane Mode if you absolutely need to connect to them.
  6. Turn on Low Power Mode – If you want to to gain 3 extra hours of battery life from your phone, enable the low power mode on your device. This isn’t a default option. It will be offered to you when you get low on remaining power. If you opt in for this, you will see the battery indicator turn to orange instead of red.
  7. Don’t use vibrate – Having your phone set to vibrate for call notifications and texts, actually drains more battery than when it’s on silent or regular sound mode.
  8. Turn off air drop – Make sure you turn off Air Drop when you aren’t using it. It is easy to forget and keep it on. Not only does having it on expose you to getting hacked, but also drains your battery.
  9. Replace battery – Device batteries don’t last forever. If you are noticing that your battery is taking a long time to charge or it lasts fewer hours between charges, it might be time to replace it.

If you are experiencing a continual low battery on your phone or device, consider applying a few of these tips to stop the drain. There is nothing more frustrating then seeing your battery level go down or not being able to power up your device.