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There’s no denying that maintaining an IT infrastructure is a major expense. Not only is the equipment expensive to purchase, but it often comes with a larger-than-expected price tag to maintain. One of the best ways that you can cut back on the expenses of owning and operating an IT infrastructure is by taking advantage of desktop virtualization.

Are You Using More Tech Than You Need?
One of the biggest reasons why the expenses of operating a traditional IT infrastructure can quickly add up is due to business owners feeling obligated to arm each worker with a powerful workstation. While there are advantages to providing each staff member with a high-end desktop, it may be the case that not every employee requires the latest PC with all the bells and whistles. For example, does the worker whose primary job is data entry really need a CPU that can handle HD video editing? We’re thinking, a big fat “nope!”

Get the Same Job Done Using Basic Equipment
You may not have known this when you purchased your hardware and bought a bundle of high-end workstations, but you could have saved a bunch of money by instead going with low-end computers. If you went with a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), you would be able to assign each employee with an inexpensive and stripped-down PC (also known as a terminal).

VDI utilizes the hardware and resources of your powerful server unit to run the operating system viewed on the employee’s terminal screen. What’s viewed on the terminal monitor is commonly referred to as an “image.” This is due to the fact that what’s seen on the monitor is basically an image being broadcasted to the screen from the server.

Save Money and Improve Network Security and Software Management with VDI
In addition to saving money on hardware purchases, there are other advantages that come with having your server process the workload. First off, your server is essentially doing the heavy lifting; this means that the wear and tear normally experienced across a fleet of workstations is now consolidated to just one machine.

Another VDI benefit is software management. When it comes time to upgrade an important business-critical application, all you have to do is perform the upgrade once to the server’s software. With one software upgrade performed, all of the terminals accessing the server will be utilizing the latest version of the software. It’s also easier to manage your licenses when they are dished out through one central point.

Lastly, VDI is an easy way to improve network security. When it comes to running a network, the more access points you have, the more precautions you will have to take in order to safeguard your data. With VDI, network traffic is easier to manage and easier to secure when it’s all directed through one server.

Do you think that switching to a VDI environment will remedy many of your company’s networking problems? To find out if VDI is right for your business, give Protek a call at 844.796.1717. We will take the time to look at your setup and provide you with the best money-saving options (like VDI and cloud computing). Call us today to make your technology work for you!