Apple Following Samsung to Explosive Ends

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A RECENT UPROAR has been cascading throughout the United States with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which has demonstrated a habit for spontaneous combustion. This primed Apple’s release of the iPhone 7; while Samsung was issuing a recall Apple would be shipping our new favorite toy …that is if these two could stop copying each other.

The first cases of the iPhone 7 combusting are starting to come in and while, for now, these seem to be isolated incidences if this trend continues it could spark an even worse recall than Samsung’s recent embarrassing incident.



The image above was posted by Reddit user ‘Kroopthesnoop’ Sep 21st, showing a black matte iPhone 7 convincingly exploded. The user was not hurt by the device, rather it seems that it exploded while in transit to its would-be-owner. This does differ significantly from the Note 7’s problem, that is due to a battery defect that makes the phone overheat during charging.


Details are still coming in, but there is defiantly something to be said for the lack of quality coming from overseas manufacturing.

No comment from Apple or UPS as of yet, however, both will likely instigate and investigation when the iPhone owner contacts Apple for a replacement.