Apple to Give Users a Choice in System Slowdown

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In a shocking move, Apple continues to try to appease users with regards to its deliberate slowing down of devices with aging batteries. In an interview with ABC News, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said new software updates will allow users with older iPhones to turn off the power management feature that intentionally slows down device performance. The company that told users they were holding their phone wrong is admitting that not everyone appreciates their phone being slowed down on purpose.

Apple has not been known for their willingness to let users make decisions for themselves, so this move is fairly unprecedented. The operating system itself has always had a hard time letting users choose how they want to use the technology. Only recently were iPhone users finally able to switch out the default keyboard, and they still can’t choose a default browser that isn’t Safari. Apple is still recommending that users do not disable this feature since the whole purpose is to prevent your phone from shutting down.

Since the announcement several weeks ago, Apple has been facing serious backlash about this practice. There have even been class-action lawsuits filed by furious iPhone users. To try and calm the storm, Apple has previously announced that it would lower the price of out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacements and a promise that new features would be arriving that would give people more insight into their device’s health.

Cook mentioned that some of these features will be forthcoming in the next release, but the power management toggle switch announced might take a bit more time before it is released. The company seems to want these features released sooner than later though, to try and keep users happy.