Avoid Making These Technology Mistakes

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We all make mistakes. It is just part of life. The more knowledge about various topics we have, the better we become at avoiding mistakes in those areas. Technology is one of those things where a little bit of knowledge can get you into trouble, but more knowledge can help keep you from making costly mistakes. No one can avoid complete hardware failure, but there are things you can do give your hardware the best chance of survival.

Reboot your computer regularly

We have talked about rebooting your computer several times, but it can’t be stressed enough. When you go to sleep at night, it allows your body to rest and recharge for the day ahead. The same thing can be said for a computer. When it is left running it is like you running on no sleep. Over time it is going to continue to become more and more tired, and finally, reach exhaustion. Lucky for us it doesn’t need 8 hours of rest, a quick reboot will be like the best power nap you’ve ever taken, and your computer will wake up happy and ready to tackle the day.

Don’t click on strange links

Another mistake you can actively avoid, that will help keep your computer running properly, is to refrain from clicking on questionable links. Even an email from a friend can be faked. Even that website you frequent often can have malicious links. One great way to vet a link prior to clicking on it is to hover your mouse over the link. Most of the time a pop up will appear with the URL you will be sent to if you click on the link. If the url is from a proper domain like google.com or microsoft.com, you can usually feel pretty safe about clicking it. However, you still need to be alert.

Avoid heat

Nothing can destroy quality hardware faster than heat, well, and Diet Coke. Leaving your laptop or your phone in direct sunlight in the car can overheat the system, even when it is turned off. Keep your equipment safe by covering it up, keeping it out of direct sunlight or other places where extreme heat can cause damage like inside a cupboard. Equipment can also overheat while it is in use. A laptop cooling pad is a great way to keep your laptop cool while you are using it. Even though a laptop is technically designed to be used in your lap (hence the name), it can also get too hot if the vents are covered by clothing or a pillow. Make sure all technology is well ventilated, and you should avoid heat damage.

Stay updated

In addition to rebooting, we don’t think we can stress enough how important it is to stay up to date with your software and operating system. Too many malicious people exploit security holes in outdated software to spread their malware. Checking for updates on a regular basis, enabling automatic updates, or allowing updates to occur when they are released is essential to healthy technology.

If it’s too good to be true, it is

Viruses and scams and fake news are rampant in today’s technological world. A good rule of thumb here is that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. No, Costco is not giving out gift cards. No, Disneyland is not giving away trips to Disney World for every 1000 people that like it’s Facebook page. Along with the “clicking links” section, if you run across an “offer” like this, check the URL. If it is not going directly to the company you think it should go to, then do not click, do not share, and do not pass go.

Navigating today’s technology doesn’t require a degree in computer science. Although some days it can feel that way. Avoiding these few pitfalls can make you seem like a technology wiz!