Be the Life of the Party: Server Hosting

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When it comes to hosting a party, it can be exhausting – it’s a matter of space, cost, and responsibility, among other things. If you’re too busy trying to organize everything, nobody will get to see the best side of you. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just hire someone to take care of the details? You would actually be able to enjoy your party!

Protek’s managed server hosting allows just that. We’ll take care of all the little details so you can concentrate on what is really important – your business, and your clients. With managed server hosting from Protek, not only will you never need to worry about your server again, but you’ll discover that is it ideal for your business needs.

Remain Flexible
When arranging a party, you’ll never know how many people will show up. It will start as a group of close friends coming over to play Cranium, but your best friend brought his girlfriend, and his girlfriend brought her besties with her, and your cousin brought his best friend’s uncle’s daughter with him, and so on. Before you know it, your house has no food, your brain hurts, and you have a mess to clean up.

Bandwidth is the same way; you might think you can control it, but there are too many variables to take into account. Things like your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) and consumer variables can make your bandwidth fluctuate greatly. Instead of worrying about something you can’t control, let Protek deal with it for you. We’ll assess your Internet connection before we host your data to see if it has what it takes to support your company’s data needs. You might need to upgrade your networking equipment, such as your wireless router, or we can help you find a new ISP that will be better suited to your needs. There’s no reason to hire a new staff member just to solve your bandwidth problems.

No Need to Buy New Equipment
Having the latest technology means regularly upgrading the equipment and hardware, and if you’re the one hosting your server, these can leave your wallet hanging up high and dry. Rather than upgrading all the time, let the server host take care of this. We at Protek can use our resources to update your server, which is far more cost efficient for you. New gear is extraordinarily expensive in the end, and your budget will crumble because of it. By using Protek’s services, you are labeling these upgrading expenses as an operating expense rather than a capital expense, making your budget much more flexible in the end.

We’ll Monitor Your Server for You
When we host your data, we will be the ones to resolve any problems that come up. You don’t need to worry yourself with them. You can depend on Protek always being there for you. We’ll monitor the servers, fix hardware failures, or problems in the network. Nothing will happen to your data on our watch!

Your Data is Safe with Us
Protek also looks after your data and ensures that it is properly backed up and securely protected. We use enterprise-level firewalls, remote monitoring software, and our team of professional IT technicians to keep your data from malicious hackers and software. We’ll do whatever we need to do to keep hackers away from your data.

The benefits of Protek hosting your server far outweigh the costs. At Protek, we’ll be the host so you can enjoy your party. Call us today at 844.796.1717 and we’ll take care of your data needs.