The Do’s and Don’ts of Sharing and Storing Business Files

Many business processes are changing as technology allows them to do more with different tools. One thing that remains in a business’ technology toolkit is files. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc are all utilized on a daily basis. Business files are not going anywhere in the near future. However, some of the ways we interact with […]

4 Things You Must Do When an Employee Terminates

Employee turnover at a company is inevitable. You may find yourself needing to let someone go, or they may be moving on to something different. Depending on the industry, or the company, employee turnover could be high. As a managed IT services company, we see mishandling of the situation frequently. The company will let us […]

The Top 10 Windows 10 Tips for 2021

Windows 10 tips

There are so many features in Windows 10 that can make you more productive, more efficient, or just easier. Some Windows 10 tips can get these features to the front of your mind so they can become second nature. Unfortunately, many people are still unaware that the features exist or how to use them. Every […]

How to Create Secure Passwords

People complain about passwords all the time. Whether it’s about how often they need to change it, how complex it is supposed to be, or just the fact they have to enter one all together. It leaves people wondering how to create secure passwords that are easy to remember? While there are many companies looking […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Organize Business Files on a Computer

It’s January, and everyone is setting goals and getting their lives more organized. Now is a great time to take a look at some of your processes and figure out better ways of doing things. One mistake we see so many of our clients make is storing files in all the wrong places. This leaves […]

Using Microsoft Teams for Project Management, It’s More Than Just a Communication Tool!

Utah IT Consulting

With 2020 being the year of online meetings and collaboration, a LOT of development money and time has gone into improving the tools many use to facilitate both. Specifically, Microsoft has quickly improved its Teams application over the course of the last year. Microsoft Teams’ project management features are really setting it apart from other […]

Four Reasons Technology Fails (and what do about it)

Four Reasons Technology Fails (and what do about it) Most people underestimate the amount of maintenance technology requires. IT hardware gets old and exposed to relentless wear and tear, while operating systems and other software tools need continuous updates. Business leaders should implement a proactive approach to hardware and software maintenance. If you want to […]

Four Big Myths of Do-it-Yourself IT

Four Big Myths of Do-it-Yourself IT Lots of growing companies struggle with how to properly manage their information technology (IT). Many businesses will resort to a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) approach to technology in their early growth phase. In several cases, there is usually someone in the office who is naturally technical. We always call this employee […]

Six Practical Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams Company-Wide

Microsoft Teams is now the gold standard for business collaboration. While there are some popular alternatives for certain collaboration functions, like Zoom or Slack, only Teams brings together the best of chat, video conferencing, and file collaboration in one simple and easy to use platform. What’s more, Microsoft Teams benefits are included in a Microsoft […]

Webinar: 5 Collaboration Best Practices From our Webinar

Webinar: Collaboration Best Practices Wrap Up Protek recently hosted a client panel on collaboration tools. By “collaboration,” we mean technologies that enable voice, video, and chat communications in the workplace. The COVID-19 crisis has leaders looking to collaborate better with their teams, sometimes over great distances, and many employees working from home. Our client panelists […]