What Are Managed IT Services and Why are They Necessary?

What Are Managed IT Services?

Did you know that 140,000 hard drives crash every week, jeopardizing the data on them? Or that the typical cost of one hour of network downtime for a business is between $300,000 and $400,000? Considering all of the threats to your business’s IT infrastructure and how much money it could cost you, it’s easy to […]

Understanding Cyber Insurance Coverage Policy Requirements


Businesses of all sizes with digital assets are at risk of cyber attacks. SMBs in particular are increasingly becoming targeted by cybercriminals.  In 2021, the United States experienced a 20% increase in cyber security breaches targeting small business owners. A small business owner’s cost of a cyber attack is an average of $108,000 per data […]

5 Common Problems With IT in 2022 and How to Solve Them

common technology problems

Some of the most dangerous challenges companies face in 2022 are centered around critical IT problems in business. With cyber threats continually evolving, it is sometimes difficult to know the right way to protect your business. While many of the IT problems businesses face have been around for years, others are relatively new and bring […]

The 8 Benefits of Cyber Security Training for Your Business

As cyber attacks and attack vectors continue to evolve, it is now more important than ever to bring the benefits of cyber security training to your business. To prove that point, Splunk reports that 65% of organizations have experienced an increase in cyber attacks during the pandemic. The rise of remote work has also created […]

How IT Services Can Help You With Your Office Move

With the number of remote workers changing due to the pandemic, many businesses are looking to downsize their office space. However, planning an office move can be incredibly daunting. It’s not quite the same as moving your home, since you still need to keep your business running during the move. While IT services companies likely […]

What Are Proactive IT Services?

IT services have certainly changed over the last 20 years. At first most companies employed a break/fix model to IT services. When something broke, the company would call their IT service provider and they would come out and fix the problem. This model would sometimes end up costing companies thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses. […]

How IT Services in Utah Can Support Internal IT Departments

Large organizations with an internal IT staff often don’t see the need to hire a managed IT services provider in Utah. Many believe that the internal IT department will be able to handle all of the technology needs for the company, and for the most part they are right. However, even with full time IT […]

Why You Should Keep Your Managed Services When Your IT Systems Are Working Great

why managed services

Once you feel better after being sick or injured, as time passes you forget how terrible the illness or pain was. The same thing can be said about anything that brings discomfort. Technology issues can be so frustrating in the moment, but we quickly forget that frustration when everything is humming along working great. During […]

Four Reasons Technology Fails (and what do about it)

Four Reasons Technology Fails (and what do about it) Most people underestimate the amount of maintenance technology requires. IT hardware gets old and exposed to relentless wear and tear, while operating systems and other software tools need continuous updates. Business leaders should implement a proactive approach to hardware and software maintenance. If you want to […]

Four Big Myths of Do-it-Yourself IT

Four Big Myths of Do-it-Yourself IT Lots of growing companies struggle with how to properly manage their information technology (IT). Many businesses will resort to a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) approach to technology in their early growth phase. In several cases, there is usually someone in the office who is naturally technical. We always call this employee […]