Email Migration

Email is still incredibly vital to most business organizations. Although chat platform use is on the rise, email is still a primary form of communication between companies. Migrating email from one platform to another can be really scary. You don’t want to lose any messages you have, and you don’t want your email to be down for any amount of time. This migration can be so scary in fact, that many businesses put off making the leap to business standard even when they have severely outgrown their current platform.

The business standard for email is Microsoft 365. Some businesses are using G Suite or even an old Microsoft Exchange server. If you are interested in migrating your email platform to Microsoft 365, you have come to the right place. Protek has vast experience migrating companies from both platforms to Microsoft 365. We will make sure nothing will disrupt your email flow and migrate all of your current messages to the new platform as painlessly as possible.

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