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Glass TVAT THE CES EARLIER this year, Panasonic – the Japanese giant – unveiled its new vision for the future of television. Made completely of a transparent plane of glass, the invisible TV disappears when turned off completely indistinguishable from an ordinary piece of glass.

Just last week at the annual Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies [CEATEC] in Japan, Panasonic showed off an improved version of the invisible TV. The pervious LED screen was upgraded with a new OLED display, allowing for cleaner and crisper images even against bright backlighting.


Panasonic has not yet given details of the new TV’s release, aside from confirming that it would still need to stay in development for at least three more years.



It’s all coming true…

Panasonics TV is the latest to join an array of futuristic tech that was introduced to us by the likes of Star Wars and Startrek and other SIFI shows. Ranging from simple things like Back to the Future self-tying shoes to the outrageous like Startrek teleportation.

We already have autonomous cars, a ‘hover board’ and hover bike, real time holographic displays, and even developments in quantum physics – including teleportation – and much more!

And of course the multitude of droids or AI’s flooding everyday life.

Every 90’s kid must be sitting of the edge of their seat, as we witness the beginnings of the Galactic Republic, or possibly even the Federation.