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WHEN APPLE ANNOUNCED that they would be leaving the headphone jack behind, the question was not if, rather when, a successful crowd funded case for the emerging tech that has a headphone jack built in.

Now here we are, not even a month after the announcement of the iPhone 7 and the confirmation that it would exclude the 3.5mm jack, we have the first of many cases hit the market.



Fuze is a battery pack case that includes the jack in relatively the same position as the jack occupied on previous models. In a rather enthusiastic announcement video Fuze is presented as bringing back the “Rock and Roll” to Apple’s iPhone 7. Featuring either a 2,400 mAh (iPhone 7) or 3,600 mAh (iPhone 7 Plus) battery for extra power, charging via Lighting cable rather than Micro USB which is an added plus.



While others have beaten Fuze to the idea at the headphone jack case concept, Fuze is the first that is promising to take your hard earned cash ($50 to be specific) and hand you a physical product. The company is being crowed sourced and has no previous experience shipping or manufacturing hardware, but if you are willing to take the risk, they send out the first early-bird batch in December.