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Calls for renewable energy sources are getting louder, and they seem to have acquired a few more heavy hitters to back the movement. Silicon Valley wants to go green, with the tech giants: Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft all backing an initiative to push America towards renewables.


Google revealed on their Blog, that the four tech giants filed a legal brief with the DC circuit court. In that brief they outline their support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s [EPA] Clean Power Plan.

The plan seeks to quicken the transition towards a clean energy America, emphasizing development and efficiency.


The United states already uses a staggering amount of energy — 10 million megawatt hours to be exact — making a transition difficult. However, if this reckless trend continues, we will eventually be forced towards clean energy, making this a great business call.


Google Leading the Charge


Google is proving itself a leader in the clean energy initiative, taking upon itself the challenge of clean energy. Google made the transition to clean energy in 2007 when it became energy neutral (and has stayed so since).

In 2007 Google purchased over 2 Gigawatts of solar and wind energy in the form of 15 different contracts. With their most recent purchase they have become the largest non-utility energy producer in the world.


Clean Power Plan


A Greener Future


Google’s work to push the Clean Power Plan is just the latest example of a company driving the commitment to renewables. A clean future will be hard fought and hard won, which is all the more reason to devote more attention to the issue. The CPP is an important step in the right direction, with a clear message; the energy crisis needs to be tackled NOW.


Given the current public opinion on climate change and the need for renewable energy sources many will see this as an attempt by these companies to drive up public approval with the intention of helping their bottom line. But despite their intentions, these companies are providing a much needed momentum boost for the movement.

Clean energy initiatives have had a hard time in today’s congress, but maybe just maybe this can tip the scales towards a brighter future.





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