How Can Office 365 Help Your Business?

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Communication is essential to business teams. The need to talk with internal teams, vendors, and clients is crucial to your success. Businesses need to use the most efficient software they can in an effort to keep lines of communication open with everyone. One solution that is making huge strides in this effort is Office 365. Microsoft is continually innovating ways for you to communicate and work more efficiently in your work environment.

How Can Office 365 Help Your Business?

Greater Productivity – When we talk about productivity, the question most commonly asked is will this software make things more simple? This directly impacts office productivity. Whether it is an administrator setting up a new employee or HR creating new policies and procedures in Word, having the right tools is essential. When technology gets out of the way and allows you to focus on your job, it is a major win.

Accessibility –  With more employees working remotely these days, being able to access your software from anywhere is important. All you need is your computer, laptop, phone, and an internet connection. Because Microsoft data is running in a data software, you can access it from anywhere you can get access to the internet. If you make changes from you home PC on a doc, your colleague at the office will be able to see your changes. You can also designate members of your team that you want to be able to edit a document and those you don’t.

Favorites Maintained – For those of you that have used Microsoft over the years Microsoft has maintained all your favorite features in Office 365. The only difference is that their software now lives in the cloud.

Security and Reliability – You can let Microsoft do the heavy lifting when it comes to security with your software. Information can be shared security so you can feel confident when sending information to your colleagues or employees  that your personal information won’t get into the wrong hands. Office 365 comes with a wide range of subscriptions so you can find an option that meets your business needs.

IT Control and Efficiency – Administrators have control over the environment in their business. Office 365 was designed to be simple and intuitive to make life easier.

Tools to Transition – Migrating data can be a long and complicated process. Losing data in the process could be devastating to your business. You need a skilled professional with years of experience to help make this move seamless. At Protek, we help businesses make the transition so you don’t experience downtime or problems. We are a certified Microsoft partner with years of experience of managing and servicing Microsoft products. We have helped businesses make the move from their old providers to Office 365 while giving them access to our team of techs so they get the IT Support they need.

If you have questions about this process and would like to set up Office 365 for your business, sign up for a FREE IT audit here.