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With 2016 here, is it time you rethought your IT strategy?

The reassurance that all your computer and IT needs will be taken care of by your outsourced IT support, is just one more thing off your chest. But does your break-fix IT company really have you covered when it counts? What’s the difference between a break-fix IT company and a managed services provider?

The Break-Fix Mentality

All IT services in Utah are not created equal, and large differences separate them and their services. The most common IT services fall under the break-fix mentality. While this business model is acceptable for smaller companies that have little need for in depth IT monitoring, it quickly falls short, as a business grows or has a deeper need for routine and reliable support for their IT infrastructure.

Break-fix companies provide 3 basic services to keep your business running, commonly involving:

  • Hardware salesProviding a business with most of the initial hardware and software needed
  • Hardware maintenance Upkeep of computer hardware the IT company is responsible for 
  • Repairsmaintenance of hardware and software, cost generally is determined on a job by job basis

This model is commonly seen as a “reactive” model, as it is inherently positioned to be implemented after a crisis rather than preemptively stopping a disaster. This is where managed services providers differ from their fellow IT companies.

The Managed Services Provider Mentality

A managed services provider or MSP differ due to their model of preemptive measures, rather than reactive action. Their business model provides incentives for the IT company to actively avoid crisis, rather than capitalize on them. Due to this change in ideology, it is thought to be the superior of the two models.

Managed services providers proactively prevents an IT crisis; this is because they are hired based on a subscription model rather than a per service model. Meaning that there is no incentive for a crisis to occur, as it would mean extra hours dedicated to the crisis and an MSPs reputation, for no increase in profit. Rather, a Break-fix company can increase profits based on how bad the IT failure.

In addition to the most common services of a Break-fix model, here are 5 of the many more services an MSP provides:

  • Predictable IT costsBudgeting, and a subscription model of payment rather than per project payment
  • Reliable network monitoringPreemptive measures to avoid failures
  • SecurityExtensive security training, HIPAA and PCI compliance 
  • Dedicated TeamA dedicated team assigned to your needs, rather than a single technician
  • No extra cost supportDue to the subscription model, there is no extra cost in the event of problems

Keeping your company up to speed is a crucial step to a competitive business, don’t let your IT capabilities fall behind! It’s easy to underestimate the need for a committed IT support team, when so many other matters call your attention. An MSP is the future of your IT program, but Choosing the Right MSP is also a key factor in your decision.

Here at Protek we strive to provide the best service a Managed Services Provider can, providing our clients with the most effective tools and options. To see a full list of the services we provide and why we are the best option for IT Services in Utah give us a call today!

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