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MimecastProtek continually insures that our clients have the latest security solutions to ward off the next generation of cyber-attacks; this includes your email. Protek has moved away from our previous email solution, replacing it with the latest Mimecast software.



This software will offer more protection and versatility to both our clients and our technicians. The software itself is fully compatible with Microsoft outlook, making the transition for your business as smooth as possible.

Here are but a few of the more important features that will be coming your way:


Secure Messaging

Sending a secure message can very rarely be guaranteed in this day and age, however Mimecast has found a work around to the common problems impeding secure messaging.

They do this by containing information to their secure cloud server; making it possible to send protected messages even when TLS encryption (Transport Layer Security) is not an option.

This allows the message sender to set parameters for the receiver, such as whether the email can be forwarded or printed or when read privileges will expire. This can all be done within the outlook application itself, without the need of using a third party site.

Settings can be set by the sender themselves or by the administrators.


It also offers, complete branding of messages and allows for customizable signatures and disclaimers that can be added to the email footer.


Targeted Threat Protection

More advanced protection is needed for sophisticated phishing attacks, or social engineering attempts to compromise your businesses security. Phishing attacks are defended against by scanning incoming and outgoing messages for malicious links, weaponized attachments and other threats.

But where Mimecast rises above the competition is its protections against social engineering threats, often called whaling.


Real-time scanning and blocking of suspect websites and attachment sandboxing prevents employees from being exposed to malware. Mimecast also alerts the receiver within your organization if the message was sent form an internal or external site. Making it much harder for a criminal claiming to be “John” from accounting to trick employees into sending sensitive information their way.


Large File Send

One of the most common issues with email security is when you don’t use email at all, and send attachments through unsecure third party sites. This is a regular practice with the relatively small file size limit for most email services.

Mimecast provides a safe alternative to share large files that allows the administrator to secure and insure company compliance. The Large File Send application allows employees to send files up to 2GB in size without putting any burden on your company’s infrastructure.


Large File Send also archives all attachments for easy recovery and content control. There are completely customizable settings available to the administrator.

It’s intuitive to use, employees simply attach files to an email as usual and send from within outlook, the receiver will access the files through a link to the large file send application.


Changes Need Never Be Scary

Protek of course will guide you and your business every step of the way during transition, and as always provide phenomenal client support for any issues that might arise.




Protek’s first priority is to keep you and your business secure, for more Tips and Tricks check out our Blog or Like and Follow us on Social Media:



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