Misaligned Cyber Security Defenses: Are You at Risk?

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Recently Intel Security and the Center for Strategic and International Studies surveyed 800 cyber security professionals from five major industry sectors in nine countries, and put together an extensive report about how the attack and response to cyber criminals is not matching up.

A good portion of the problem is between corporate executives and the IT professionals that handle the implementation. The report found that 90% of the organizations surveyed had a cyber-security strategy in place, but only 50% have actually implemented their plan. It also showed that over half of the respondents cared more about what a security breach would do to their corporate reputation as opposed to the actual effects of the attack.

One interesting part of the report explains that criminals are quick and agile and able to adapt, while implementing a strategy to defend against them takes time and an approval process. The other part of this is that success was measured differently between the executives and the people implementing the strategy. A recommendation from your Managed IT Support Provider can fall on deaf ears when an executive doesn’t feel the solution is appropriate for their situation.

While your company may not serve thousands of websites like CloudFlare, who recently had a massive security breach, your customer’s data should be just as important to your company as to major corporation. Using the data from this report, you should be able to go over your current security plan with your Managed IT Support Provider and make sure you can come to an agreement on an appropriate plan, and get it implemented ASAP!