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Mozilla Browser Version

This week Mozilla announced the release of its brand new browser version named Firefox Quantum to try and reclaim some of the market share it has lost to Chrome over the recent years. The company is claiming that they have redesigned the browser from the ground up. Previously they have just used a number for each version of the browser, but with the significant amount of changes they have made, they decided it warranted a brand new title.

Mozilla states that Quantum is twice as fast as the version of Firefox it released last year. Previously the browser was only able to take advantage of one CPU core processor at a time when most modern computers have multiple processors. Now it is able to distribute the load across several processors to make completing the job much faster. The company claims that they are also now prioritizing the active tab, which has resulted in the browser performing more quickly than Google Chrome while using about 30% less RAM.

The browser has also received a facelift in conjunction with this update. The new, minimalist design introduces square tabs, smooth animations, and a Library, which provides quick access to your saved stuff: bookmarks, Pocket, history, downloads, tabs, and screenshots. The Photon design is also smarter than your average browser. If you’re using Windows PC with a touch display, the menus change size based on whether you click with a mouse or touch with a finger.

With all these new changes it may be worth a quick peek to see if the new browser will work for you. It will be interesting to see if Mozilla can win some of its users back, or is Chrome just so dominant, with almost 60% of the market share, that its impossible for other browsers to catch up?