New Google Study Promotes Cloud

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The Economist Intelligence Unit has released a study sponsored by Google that focuses on the benefits of the cloud. That being said the validity of the study might be called into question considering that google has a vested interest in cloud services.


That’s right, the study focuses on the benefits of migrating to the cloud. And the benefits might surprise you.


Some Discrepancy

The study aptly named Trust in cloud technology and business performance: reaping benefits from the cloud. Found that enterprises that trust cloud computing apps and platforms to transform their business — beyond cost cutting — see revenue growth. Fostering and continually supporting business transformations that leverage cloud computing’s inherent strengths is how high-trust enterprises are gaining greater revenue outcomes than competitors.

The study — to its credit — is quick to point out that it is not suggesting that trust in cloud computing alone lead to better financial results. Rather, common traits associated with business owners that are more accepting and trusting of cloud based applications lead to higher revenue.

There is also some evidence to suggest that moving resources to the cloud can free costs for hardware and maintenance. However, this is a subject of much debate that is beyond the scope of this article.


Key Takeaways

Key takeaways of the study include:

  • Enterprises that trust the cloud computing apps and platforms to drive and process performance gains beyond cutting costs are seeing results
  • Greater agility, time-to-market, and collaboration are where cloud-based transformations are complete today
  • 52% of enterprises have seen an increase in overall cloud trust in the past three years, with just 15%reporting a significant rise in confidence in the cloud




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