Is the New iOS 10 Just A Lockscreen Now?

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It’s easy to see change as a negative, especially if that change effects something close to you. And in today’s world what’s closer to you than your smartphone? Ask anyone and likely they would be hesitant to let you change anything on their phone, even a seemingly small change can have a large impact after all. Apple however does not often ask permission before making changes.


Change is Good

With the latest iOS release looming on the horizon, some are ecstatic while others are hesitant. The major update has been much anticipated and with the latest beta testing open to the public well received. If a bit varied.

The easiest way to start iOS 10 would be to utterly forget everything you know about iPhones, which to say the least can be a bit frustrating. Swipe to unlock is gone, replaced with the slightly more awkward move of pressing the home button. Swiping up on the lock screen no longer accesses the camera but rather the control panel, displacing the camera to the right to left motion. All in all, nothing is where it was in iOS 9.

A lot of small changes with a few major ones scattered here and there, make iOS 10 a huge endeavor. One that many people might be weary of, and they should be not everyone will enjoy the changes. But these changes are there for a reason, and while the transition might be difficult the result is rewarding.

The iPhone no longer feels like a beautiful home designed for your apps, rather it feels like a single entity redefining itself to meet your needs.


A Better Way

iOS 9 was built to show how a smartphone should look, sleek sexy and edgy. iOS 10 was built to show how a smartphone should work. The system is designed for ease, utilizing the lock screen as more than just a checkpoint, reimagining apps and widgets and eliminating needless gestures.

After installing you will immediately notice the change after you turn your phone back on, because you won’t have to turn your phone back on. Raise to Wake brings the screen to life when you pick up your phone. It is arguably one of the best features of the new software, if it is a bit touchy. If you fidget with your phone constantly, you will notice the screen coming to life then back to sleep. But the feeling of empowerment when you pull your phone out of your pocket and a vibrant screen awaits your commands is worth any small annoyment.

This change is huge, because like previously mentioned the lock screen can be arguably considered the new home screen. The security checkpoint is now a one stop shop for all your vital day to day information. Notifications have more interactive power, so you can do the hard-press 3D Touch move to can an entire thread in messages. Peek at your calendar, or look at the weather, all without having to open an app or unlock your phone. Swiping left to right will reveal the widget screen, by far one of the biggest changes for iOS 10.




A Step Forward

Messages has also received some love, being by far the most used app on the iPhone the developers have been given room to play with it. To my delight. The new features are focused on making texting more interactive and to seamlessly integrate all the latest trends. Including built in gifs, a wide screen effect, and invisible ink animations. All amazing introductions in their own right, wide screen effects offering a new full frontal approach to messaging while invisible ink can hide more intimate messages from wandering eyes.

However, iOS 10 like all other Apple products only fully bloom in the face of other Apple products, it is meant and encouraged to be used by people who use Apple everything. And only associate with Apple everything people. Exemplified in the fact that many of the cool new features to messages and other apps will only work when the receiving end is also an iPhone.

In a symbolic move Apple is allowing you to remove their apps at your leisure. The entire phone is now customizable, no longer do you have to create a folder in a hidden away corner for all of the built in apps. The first wave of smartphone innovation was the apps themselves. The next wave of innovation starting with the release of iOS 10 is how we choose to use them. Each app no longer exists in isolation, only serving its function and ignoring its neighbors. They now act as a single entity working in tandem, hell bent on providing a seamless solution to your everyday needs.




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