What Protek Does to Shield You From Ransomware

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April saw the largest increase in Ransomware attacks in the history of the malware, an increase of 159% from just the previous month. But the prevalence of Ransomware is not a new occurrence; the malware has been slowly increasing in popularity with an average increase in usage of 9-20% each month.


Ransomware is especially malicious, encrypting your files and drives; only to be unlocked when the ransom is paid, hence the name. It can leave a personal computer unsalvageable and a network in tatters. Worse yet, there is no guarantee the attackers will release your information once the ransom is paid.


Protek actively shields against these and other malware attacks, implementing a number of strategies and techniques to keep you and your business secure.


There Are 2 Points of Interest to Consider

Protek utilizes a CGSS (Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite) on client Firewalls with built in Intrusion prevention, Gateway Antivirus and Spyware. This is designed to keep attackers Out and At Bay, by watching traffic for known malware related data. On top of these protections Protek has general network protocols that keep you and your network safe.


The next point to consider is the end user, (anyone accessing the network on the client’s end). End users can often do the most damage to a network by unintentionally opening the door to malware. To prevent this, we start with Open DNS which blocks known sites that produce malware and alerts us if there are possible compromises. Next, your Antivirus software is capable of identifying, quarantining and removing malicious programs and malware.

Currently the most common way to get Ransomware is via email, usually sent by someone you don’t know with a generic attachment — i.e. ‘invoice’, ‘Payment Due’, ‘Final Notice’, ‘Court Summons’, etc.

Spam filtering keeps emails clear of phishing attacks by monitoring and blocking messages that contain harmful data. Protek also proactively blocks Ads using AdBlock software on client’s internet browsers, sometimes even safe websites can have their Ads compromised.




The Unfortunate Reality

Unfortunately, malware prevention is always one step behind the people who create it. This is why Backups are critical for a robust security strategy.  Some Ransomware can be removed with the proper Antimalware tools, but some unfortunately cannot.

This is why Protek has automatic hourly backups for your entire network, we can restore a PC with the potential of only losing up to an hour of work or data. Keys and program information about all computers on the network are stored by our Kasya Program and can be used to recover critical Software Keys and Licenses.


Know Your Network

Protek encourages our clients to take full advantage of all our security measures and services; and while nearly 90% do, some still do not.

Programs like CGSS and Gateway Antivirus are vital in the fight against cyber terrorism. If you are not sure if you are utilizing these programs or others, Contact Protek for more information.


And of course you can always contact Protek for a Security Analysis of your Network, which will allow us to pinpoint threats and vulnerabilities.




Protek’s first priority is to keep you and your business secure, for more Tips and Tricks check out our Blog or Like and Follow us on Social Media:



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