Quantum Mechanics Just Got a Little Easier

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The laws of physics govern all things in this universe: from how your coffee gets cold after that third meeting or to your lunch finding its way on the ground. Everything except quantum particles that is.



This is where Quantum Mechanics comes in, the study of quantum particles and their interactions in our world. These particles have an annoying habit of defying physics.

These particles can be so unpredictable that they are described in part by German physicist Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. This principle explains that in part that if you attempt to measure an atoms location, even with something as gentle as light, is impossible because everything has momentum. Meaning that the atom will move upon contact to whatever device you use to measure with.


Therefore, up to this point in science we have only been able to measure where the atom moved to, not its original location (which is not helpful in calculations).



A New Approach


However, Physicists under T.J. Elliott form the University of Oxford in the UK have successfully managed to gather basic information about the main group of atoms. They have been able to determine the density of atoms and their proximity to one another, without disturbing their position.

Their research — published in Physical Review A — demonstrated that by measuring not the atoms themselves but by their outliers’ behavior they were able to obtain an understanding of the atoms in a less intrusive manner.


With these developments scientists will for the first time be able to see what atoms are doing, not just what they did.




Protek-FlatLogo-CMYK-05Even developments like these can affect the daily lives of millions of people, including our clients. Making quantum computers more efficient and possibly commercially viable. Protek is always ready for new innovations and discoveries, so that our clients don’t have to be.



That being said we encourage a deeper understanding of the world around you, and will always seek to provide you that information in an easily digestible format.