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Six Reasons PC Setup Fees are a Win-Win

We often get asked, why does Protek charge PC setup fees for new laptops and desktops? The short answer is, these fees make sense both for the client and for Protek. Protek’s PC setup fees are reasonable and guarantee that our clients have the most secure, enjoyable, and productive experience with their new PC.

Here are six reasons PC setup fees are a win-win:

    1. Even business-grade PCs, fresh out of the box, don’t meet our high standards. Your new PC is a mission critical asset, for your company and for your own personal success. Out of the box, even a business-grade PC is not configured to Protek’s high standards for security, manageability and performance. Rightly or wrongly, some of the most important technologies on the PC are disabled by default. For instance, hard drive encryption is disabled by default and needs to be properly configured in the Windows operating system. A whole host of additional management and security tools need to be installed on the new PC so that we can properly remotely manage your PC and deliver world-class service and support to each client.
    2. Customized, professional configuration helps ensure security and productivity. Proper cyber security is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. At the end of the day, security often comes down to proper configuration and adjustment to your PC’s default settings. Protek has a rigorous set of advanced configurations that ensure the secure operation of your new PC. For instance, we implement two factor authentication (2FA) for every user. 2FA is the best defense against any sort of password compromise. 2FA requires that you are authenticated both by something you know (your password) and something you have (such as your mobile device). Should your password be compromised, the second factor of authentication prevents cyber criminals from accessing your machine and other sensitive systems. We also install endpoint security software and configure web filtering to defend against dangerous web content and malware. All of these installation and configuration steps keep you secure and in turn help you stay productive on your new machine.
    3. All the applications you need and only the ones you need. New PCs often come with unneeded and unnecessary software installed. We wipe the machine clean and then install all the necessary software tools you need to perform your job and succeed. With each client, we develop a customized software image that has all the main software applications and line of business applications you need to do your job.
    4. Getting it right from the start. After we properly configure your machine and install all of the necessary new software, we will perform a white glove install of your machine on-site at the office. We will ensure your PC is joined to network domain and properly configured from a networking perspective. Whether you are in place at your desk or on the go on Wi-Fi, we will ensure you have seamless and secure network connectivity. All of your data will be transferred or synced to your new machine and all drives will be mapped. And all printer settings will be configured properly. Your personal productivity is a top priority.
    5. Don’t forget your old machine, hard drive and data privacy. Let’s not forget your old machine. We also responsibly recycle your old machine and the related e-waste. Furthermore, we ensure all old hard drives are securely and properly destroyed, thereby protecting your privacy and corporate data.
    6. Supporting you for the long haul. Last but not least, we install and leverage robust remote monitoring and management technology on your machine, so we can proactively maintain the machine, fix problems remotely, and support you quickly if you need to call into the Help Desk. Software updates and security patches will be proactively pushed to and installed on your machine, seamlessly keeping your machine secure and up to date.

Suffice it to say, we have high standards for new PC installs. We want to get it right from the start, since we can keep you secure and productive and do our jobs most effectively. We think this approach is a true win-win.

Reach out to Michelle Lawson at Protek Support to discuss any questions you have about your PC fleet or upgrade cycle. Book a time with Michelle today.