Snapchat for Business?!

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There is a cloud based service that is being called the Snapchat for enterprise level business that is seriously turning some heads right now. Instead of just a more complicated way to text one another, this service looks extremely useful and promising. The service is called CloudApp and instead of a crown of flowers on a selfie, you are sending screen captures of bugs, or desktop issues you are having.

As a managed IT support provider, it can be very difficult to diagnose a problem over the telephone. Sometimes you just need to be sitting in front of the computer to know exactly what is going on. Often, the problem that a user is experiencing can show up when there is no one around to show it to. It is no secret that computers are scared of IT professionals, and will act properly when observed. It is the same phenomenon when you finally make an appointment for a doctor, and suddenly your symptoms disappear. Using this application, the user can take a quick screen cast of the issue, and send it along to support. Now that we can see exactly what the user clicked on and how their computer was behaving, it’s much easier to diagnose their problem and fix it.

These interactions can be as simple as a text message or chat. The drag and drop interface of the program makes it extremely easy to use, which is why it is gaining mass adoption with some major companies. Users can even mark up and annotate the animation so better pinpoint their issues, or use it as a collaboration tool within teams.

This also works the other way, as a great tool for training. If you need a set of employees to perform a certain function, instead of sitting down and training each individual, you can make a quick screen cast of the process and send it along. People can even use the search function to find previously recorded or shared items so they can help themselves if they get stuck.

CloudApp’s growth is definitely on the upward climb, and something to check out for businesses looking to improve communication!