Reduce Family Screen Time and Make Time to Unplug

Family Screen Time

As parents, we worry about the amount of time our family spends starring at their devices. Family screen time seems to be increasing year after year. According to a study, 77% of parents feel like their family and teens are more distracted by devices and don’t spend enough time together. 41% of teens feel like […]

9 Ways You Can Extend Your Device’s Battery Life

Battery Life

There is nothing more frustrating than picking up your device only to find out that it isn’t charged. If your devices are like mine, they quickly lose battery life and leave you in a pinch when you need them. There are several things you can do to extend your device’s battery life. It might surprise […]

Spring Clean Your Devices

This week marks the first day of Spring, although the weather sure does still feel like winter. When Spring rolls around, people get renewed energy and typically start cleaning up all the dust and rust that has been building up throughout the Winter. In the effort to make everything around you shiny and new, your […]

Signs Your Hardware Will Fail Soon


These days, our jobs rely on technology. No matter what position you hold, when your computer or other devices are not working properly, it can make it extremely difficult to get work done. For this reason, most managed IT support providers, including us, want to be proactive about resolving issues before they even start. We […]

Creating a BYOD Plan


Many companies are now allowing employees to “BYOD” or Bring Your Own Device to work. It’s great for the company, as they don’t have to worry about obtaining new equipment for the employee. It’s great for the employee who can get exactly what they want to use to do their job. It also minimizes the […]

Security Risks of Smart Devices

We made a joke a while back about everything getting so smart that even water bottles will have smart features. The day has come that there ARE water bottles with smart features! Each device you connect to your network, though, opens you up just a little bit more to an attack. It might not even […]