Four Kinds of Phishing Attacks (and what to do about it)

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Four Kinds of Phishing Attacks (and what to do about it) A phishing attack is one of the most common types of cyber security threats. Phishing is the use of bait information to trick the recipient into opening, clicking on, or responding to a fraudulent email, phone call or message that is often crafted to […]

Cyber Security Threats Business Owners Should Know About

Phishing Emails

Cyber security is a threat to every business. Criminals are targeting businesses by using spam as a delivery mechanism for dangerous malware. Roughly 200 to 400 thousand Trojans, ransomware, and other malware are delivered to IP addresses daily according to Trustwave researchers. Phishing is also a contributor making up 2.1% of spam types which can […]

How to Protect Yourself From Harmful Email Attachments

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Are you afraid to open email attachments? Wondering how to protect yourself from viruses and harmful malware? From ransomware, key-loggers, and other harmful malware, scammers will do anything they can to lure you into clicking on these attachments so they can infect your system. In this article you’ll discover seven ways to protect your business […]

4 Free Tools to Help Fix Your Computer

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As a managed IT support provider, we have quite a few tools up our sleeves to help make your computer run faster and better. There are many free tools to fix your computer that even professionals like us use on a regular basis. Some of the tools we use, we wouldn’t recommend using without either […]

Top 5 Security Threats

If you watch television, you may have been swayed to believe that the top security threats on your computer network is intentional sabotage or unauthorized access to data and or equipment. This may hold true for some businesses, however for most organizations there are other threats that should be taken very seriously. Top Security Threats […]

Sophisticated Spyware Finally Discovered

Smantec and Kaspersky Lab last week separately announced the discovery of a highly sophisticated advanced persistent threat that had eluded security researchers for at least five years. A previously unknown group called “Strider” has been using Remsec, an advanced tool that seems to be designed primarily for spying. Its code contains a reference to Sauron, […]

Feds Attempt Curb of Ransomware

Ransomware has received unprecedented popularity, and healthcare organizations are ripe targets . Criminals know it. In just a few short years, Ransomware has dominated the market, prompting a response from the federal government last week. Ransomware attacks have risen from 1,000 attacks a day in 2015, the same time this year attacks rose to a […]

TeslaCrypt Ransomware Authors Release Master Key

Eset announced on Wednesday that it has developed a free tool that victims of all variants of the TeslaCrypt ransomware can use to unlock affected files. The criminal group behind TeslaCrypt recently abandoned support for the malicious software, Eset contacted the group anonymously using the channel TeslaCrypt’s operators offered to ransomware victims and asked for the universal […]


Watching Porn at Work

Here’s a statistic that’s going to shock business owners. We hope you’re sitting down for this because we were blown away when we first heard it. Did you know that 70 percent of all online porn access happens during business hours? What does this mean for your company? One thing that we hope this doesn’t […]

USB Software is Bad to the Bone, Literally

USB devices have long been a staple of the technology world, but are notoriously vulnerable to exploitation from hackers and malware. As malware grows more and more sophisticated, you can no longer trust simple antivirus scans to protect your business. Unfortunately, it has less to do with what the USB carries than what it is […]