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Competent ITIt’s important to understand that you as a business owner wouldn’t be as successful as you are today if it weren’t for the talents of your professionally-trained team. You need to understand that the complexities and time constraints of running a business put a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, and you can’t take matters into your own hands as often as you’d like. The ideal situation is one where your team’s professions encompass all aspects of your business. This is especially true for IT.


Business owners are natural-born leaders, and as a leader, they understand that the only way to increase their skillset is by immersing themselves in the professional environment. The principle, “iron sharpens iron,” comes to mind, which suggests that you can improve your own skills by maintaining relationships with others who might have more experience in a particular topic. Additionally, since nobody is perfect, it’s a best practice to be influenced by lots of other industry leaders. Otherwise, if you pay too much attention to one particular leader, you’ll pick up all of the character traits you don’t want to. This is why the team is the standard business model.


If your business is broken up into different teams for different aspects of your business, then you’ll understand when we tell you that exceptional IT support demands a team effort. Protek’s professional team is made up of folks from all kinds of backgrounds, all coming together to provide the best possible quality services for our clients. Additionally, our network extends further than it appears to. We’ve built relationships with competent IT professionals who we can access when necessary, like providing a specialized fix or a repair that we can’t figure out.


This is what our IT vendor management service is all about. It is designed to make Protek your single point of contact for all of your technology needs. Your business can gain access to our extended team of professionals well-known for the quality of their work and attention to detail. When you outsource your IT from Protek, you’re basically onboarding us to your own team. If our work is satisfactory, then you can know with certainty that the professionals we send your way to resolve your issues will also perform quality work, adding more value to your investment.


Leaders know that, even if the number one spot is where you want to be, you can’t get to that position alone. There isn’t “one business owner to rule them all.” “It’s dangerous to go alone.” “One really is the loneliest number.” We could do this all day. Alas, a single person probably won’t have the answer to every single issue that’s encountered down the long and hardy path that is entrepreneurialism.




Protek-pointerYou can trust the IT professionals at Protek to deliver the technology services your business needs most. This lets you avoid common problems which hold a business owner like yourself back from tackling other issues. If you’re ready to get back on the frontlines and be the leader you need to be, give Protek a call at (801) 999-4767.