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Hard Drive Failure

If you or your employees are using older devices, you need to look and see if those devices are costing you money as a business owner. With Windows XP and Windows 7 end of life coming up at the end of 2019, it might be time for you to plan to replace these business devices over the next year. Slow devices cost you and your business money in more ways than you think.

Here are the top 5 ways your devices are slowing you down:

  1. Outdated – If you have a PC that is older than 4 years, it could potentially cost you more than $1,700 a year in maintenance, repairs and lost productivity, compared to a new Windows device.
  2. Lagging – New Windows 10 Pro devices start up on an average up to 28% faster and have batteries that last up to 3x longer than an older Windows device.
  3. Vulnerable – Cyber attacks and data breaches cost over $84,000 and affect more than 50% of small businesses. New Windows 10 Pro devices have built-in and always up-to-date security to help keep you protected. If your systems are out of date, they are more susceptible to attacks.
  4. Hard to manage – IT admins spend up to 20% less time managing Window 10 Pro devices. Plus, your team can sign in once for Microsoft services and many apps. Many of your current apps and peripherals work with Windows 10 Pro.
  5. Productivity – If more people are having trouble with their systems or they don’t know how to fix problems themselves, they they spend more time trying to get up and running which results in less productivity in the workplace and increased downtime. Downtime equals money lost.

If you have old devices that need to be replaced, reach out to Protek Support. We work with great vendors that can help you get the latest operating systems on new devices and not only protect you from data breaches and cyber attacks, but decrease down time and increase productivity. Call Protek at 801.290.0388.