Trello Tips for Project Management

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There are many tools these days that help make managing projects easier for everyone involved. One of the most popular methods for managing projects is process or principle called Kanban. The name comes from the Japanese word for “visual signal” or “card.” The principle came from observing the process of Toyota line-workers who used an actual card to signal steps in their manufacturing process. The system’s highly visual nature allowed teams to communicate more easily on what work needed to be done and when. It also standardized cues and refined processes, which helped to reduce waste and maximize value.

Trello is one of the most popular online tools that use the Kanban method. Aside from the standard functions Trello has, there are many other ways Trello can help with your project management.

Use Power-Ups

Trello, and even some external companies have created a plethora of Power-Ups. These features have the ability to transform Trello boards into living applications. You can connect your Trello board to a helpdesk system, look at your board in a calendar view, or even track packages. Browsing through the list of available Power-Ups can give you great ideas on how you can better use the system.

Create workflows

Through the use of tools like Zapier, you can create various workflows that will trigger on card or board creation or movement. Setting up rules for these triggers can turn you into a productivity powerhouse. For example, when you move a card into the “Done” column, you can have Zapier send an email or text notification to your supervisor. This would let them know right away when things are accomplished saving time trying to figure it out.

Use browser extensions

When projects require research, a great way to save various articles directly into Trello to revisit is through the browser extension. While you are viewing the webpage you want to save, you simply need to click the browser extension and add the site to the correct board. This will allow you to move quickly through your research and have everything you need right within the Trello board for future reference.

Integrate with cloud storage

Another helpful tool available through Trello is the integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can add files that are necessary to the project to the Trello board so everyone can find and access the files quickly and easily. You can even create these files right from within Trello itself, saving time opening another website or program in order to start working on a new file.

Sync with your calendar

Sometimes it is just easier to visualize a project’s due dates inside an actual calendar. It can help you understand if your timeline is too aggressive or unrealistic. When you sync your Trello board to your Google calendar, you can see upcoming due dates to make sure you get those tasks done on time. You can also view the entire project through the lens of the calendar, so you can push any dates that may fall on holidays or on other busy times.

Using Trello is a great way to stay on top of projects, and using these tools can make it even easier for you! If you aren’t already using Trello, it’s free to start, so check it out!