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USB LockThe ways criminals gain access to your personal information and passwords are ever changing. But a timeless staple has been the keylogger, a low maintenance, hard to detect alternative way into your machine. These devices do exactly what it sounds like, they log and store every keystroke you make with your keyboard.


The true danger of these devices stems from their ability to be completely undetectable to all forms of anti-virus software. Very simply this is accomplished because a keylogger is not software — at least not the keyloggers that are within the scope of this article. The keylogger rather is inserted into a USB port on the back of the machine and the keyboard connected to the keylogger. The keylogger then monitors all the traffic running through it, before it even reaches the machine.


Keyloggers are actually 100 percent legal, and can be found and purchased over the internet. This is because a keylogger is often used for “legitimate” purposes: such as parental control for children, employers managing employee computer use, or a spouse suspected of cheating can be monitored.


The New Solution

Protek of course is always looking for unique solutions to complicated problems. Rather than having our techs or ask our clients to climb under the desks every day to check for a discreetly located device, we have found a much more innovative solution.

That’s where the USB Lock comes into play, the concept is simple but extremely effective against unwanted external tampering. The USB Lock is just as straight forward as the device it’s used to ward against. Insert the device into the USB port and it locks into place unable to be removed, then insert your desired accessory and lock it into place with a provided or personal locking device. You can find out more about the USB Lock here.


The design allows for complete lockdown of your hardware. That in conjunction with a strong Anti-virus software leaves your computer the safest it can be.


Protek Discount

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