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The CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates that 9.1% of global disease could potentially be prevented by cleaner water and improved sanitation.




A European company is aiming to provide not only fresh, and sanitized water; but also internet connectivity and free electricity for communities in need.




Meet Watly, the world’s first and largest solar-powered computer; completely power self-sufficient. Watly uses thermal energy to provide clean water, electricity and internet connectivity to about 750 people.

Measuring about 131 feet in length (40 meters), this machine can sanitize up to 1,320 gallons of water a day. All while generating enough electricity to be used by about 3,000 people; all thanks to the massive solar panels it’s sporting. It also comes equipped with a wireless receiver, providing WIFI (4G) and satellite connectivity with a range of 750 ft.


The Watly team released a statement to Treehugger:

“The beauty is that these services can be generated by exclusively harvesting solar energy. We provide clean water by leveraging the thermal effects of the solar irradiation. Through photovoltaic technology we generate electricity. With electricity we can power internal telecommunications devices (for satellite or 4G connection). Watly provides multiple services because each one is the consequence of the other”


A vital part of the project was to provide these services to the underprivileged communities of Africa without the need to use bio carbons and increase green-house gas emissions. Effectively allowing the countries of Africa to advance technologically and socially without the environmental impact.




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