What Does the Future of Cloud Computing Hold?

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New technology brings all sorts of changes to the business world, and the modern business has to take advantage of these changes in order to stay competitive. One of these revolutions is cloud computing. While every professional has their own opinion of the cloud, Greg Walters of Walters & Shutwell Inc. has some interesting theories about how the business cloud will develop.

Three Trends of Cloud Computing

According to Walters, there are three trends which we can expect from the cloud for modern businesses:

  • Algorithms will replace certain workflows.
  • Mobility in the office will grow.
  • Access to data will improve.

Automation Simplifies Tasks and Workflow
In several industries, there are positions which require monotonous repetitive actions, like assembly line workers and phone support. Instead of paying these people for being physically present for these tasks, these positions can simply be fulfilled with algorithms and technology based in the cloud.

Walters compares this trend to electronic payment systems. Prior to these automated processes, humans had to stuff envelopes with checks and send them through the mail. Furthermore, instead of taking down credit card numbers and processing the information manually, we now have machines that process all of the information for us. While people still have to manually input information on occasion, the point stands that the majority of the time, automated tasks are far easier and more efficient.

Leave the Office Behind
Technology has progressed so far that mobility is the key to business. It enhances productivity no matter the work environment. Previous generations had to work in the office, but with the increased prevalence of mobile technology, we are no longer limited by the boundaries of the office. According to Walters, “Business cycles will still be normal, 24/7 affairs, but we’ll be selling from the beach, presenting from the living room, and securing shipments in the den. These traditional office functions will not need an office presence.”

Break Down Data Barriers
Data will be much easier to access in the future, all thanks to cloud computing. The boundaries which previously limited access to data will all come down, allowing access whenever it is needed. Information will be located within the cloud, rather than what Walters calls “information silos,” where individuals can easily access it.

Employees might no longer need to partake in tasks which waste time and energy that could be better spent somewhere else. According to Walters, “It would be a sea [of] change in how workers see themselves. We would no longer work for a single company, yet have a profession, working with many companies at the same time – a sort of hypercharged freelancer.”

The cloud is a powerful business tool today, but can you imagine how valuable cloud technology will be in the future? Protek can help your business take advantage of all the cloud has to offer. We can equip your business with productivity solutions to help your business access information both on-the-go and in-house. For more information, contact us at 844.796.1717.