Who’s Really to Blame for Falling PC Sales

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Is the PC really dying? PC sales have been steadily declining for some time now, but does that mean its impending death. Take a look at any desktop in the industrialized world, there will be a PC sitting atop it.



The Truth

The PC is not dying, just like it was not dying 6 months ago, and six months before that. Over the years we’ve watched people point to Windows Vista, the iPad and Windows 8 as the bloody knife.

But when Windows 7 replaced Vista it didn’t fix the problem. Windows 8 was replaced by 10, and Tablet sales are now declining faster than PC sales. None of this has fixed the problem, and both Windows 7 and 10 were both well received.


So let us be clear, these supposed smoking guns have little to do with the death of a once sprawling industry.


HP PC Sales


A Learned Pain

Since the PC first came to market, it tended to cost people a pretty penny, and consumers tended to keep their computers for 8 years. However, there was a large push to reduce prices and improve performance, saturating the market. More importantly these advancements forced users to make the transition from the old to the new; which was not an easy transition.


Migration from one computer to another meant a loss of data and a painful process of becoming accustomed to the new system. The only company to recognize this pain and mitigate it early in the game was Apple, and their sales are going nowhere but up.

By the time Windows XP made its debut PC users had been trained to avoid upgrading like the plague. Many users are still using Windows Vista or XP. It has been PC companies killing the PC, slowly over years.



If you take a look at the most recent Gartner and IDC numbers, you can see that the stats for Apple and Dell are nearly identical trends; flat. Suggesting that the market has stabilized with a steady rate of replacement in the saturated market.

Whereas Intel sales continue to fall. Not due to any new gadget or new problem, simply because they have been falling from the start.


A Simple Work Around

The solution could not be any easier for them, simply make upgrading a necessary, but fun, worthwhile, painless and seamless process.

They need only look at their peers or even the TV industry to see this strategy in play.




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