Why Are Cyber Attacks Increasing and Who Is a Target?

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It seems like almost every day the news is talking about a major cyber security breach. Last week Bloomberg reported a massive breach of security camera feeds. This breach allowed the attackers access to view security cameras in massive corporations like Tesla, government agencies like police stations and schools, and even hospitals.

So much of our data is now stored on servers instead of in filing cabinets. As technology increases and becomes more integral in our work and daily lives, it increases the risks that the data will become compromised.

There is so much information attackers can utilize to scam individuals and corporations.

Attacks are also becoming more sophisticated. Technology advancements have made it easier to attack more systems at once, giving the attackers a better chance of finding a vulnerability. Once the weak spot is found they can duplicate the attack to find even more systems to compromise.

There are a few targets that have been appealing to attackers over the last few years. First is managed IT services providers like Protek Support. When an attacker is able to infiltrate the network of an IT provider, they gain access to all of the clients the provider supports. This gives the attacker one point of entry for thousands of devices and companies.

Another appealing target for attackers is IoT (Internet of Things) devices. These are all the smart home devices that are collecting a ton of information about individuals and companies. Especially with so many people working from home, an attacker just needs to compromise the home user’s network to gain access to the company they work for.

Many small businesses do not think they are a target for attack, but there are a few reasons why they may be some of the most vulnerable to it.

Security is an afterthought

With small businesses, their focus is generally their product or service. They are very good at what they do, but the tech side of the business is put on the back burner as they attempt to grow. Without proper IT services from a company that knows how it all works, they could have some serious security holes in their environment.

They think they are too small to be a target

The small business might also think they are too small to be a target for attack. What they don’t realize is the attackers aren’t specifically targeting them, they are using advanced technology to scan the internet for specific vulnerabilities, or sending phishing emails to hundreds of thousands of people at once. The malicious actor is able to attack thousands of companies within minutes.

Employees aren’t trained

Without proper IT guidance, employees are not being trained on cyber security awareness. Without this knowledge they can fall for advanced phishing attacks and give away the keys to the kingdom. Even the strongest IT security protocols are ineffective against human error.

A strong majority of the most recent attacks are due to employee login credentials becoming compromised. Preventing this can be very simple, but employees need to be taught what to look for and how to protect themselves.

Clearly, attacks are increasing because the technology used to store critical data is increasing, and everyone is a target. If you need help with your cyber security solution, be sure to give us a call.