Yep, We’ve Got that Covered Too!

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Technology is a major part of everything your business does. Therefore, you need a technology partner that does more than just fixes your computers. For example, if your smartphone decided that, “today is a good day to die,” then it wouldn’t matter how great your workstation was running, your day would still be ruined.

At Protek, we’re much more than a break-fix computer repair company. In fact, we’ll cover every piece of technology that’s important to you. You may be thinking, “What about my…” Stop right there. Whatever you were going to say, know that we’ve got it covered. Now you may be thinking, “But what about my…” Sorry, but we’re going to have to interrupt you again because we’ve got that covered too!

The same quality of IT service that you’ve come to expect from Protek is also available for non-IT technology that’s important to you, all thanks to our vendor management service. With this service, our technicians may not be the guys or gals repairing your broken technology, but they are the ones contacting vendors and arranging the fix.

From the perspective of a technology user like yourself, you know that when a vital piece of equipment goes down, it really doesn’t matter who fixes it. Instead, your primary concern is, “when will it get fixed?” With Protek on the case, you can rest assured that the fix will happen as fast as humanly possible.

Thanks to our extensive contacts in the technology industry, we know exactly who to call to get whatever you need fixed. If we’re the ones arranging the fix, then that means you or someone else in your office doesn’t have to. Our vendor management service frees up your team to focus more of their time on the business, which is a much more profitable venture than having to dig up warranty information or navigate a customer service phone menu.

To give you an idea of how extensive Protek’s vendor management service is, here’s a few of the most common technologies that we take care of with this service.

We Can Support Smartphones
When a smartphone goes down, it feels like your workday or even you workweek is ruined. Because smartphones are small, they’re easy to lose and easy to drop, which is why we get so many calls about fixing them. There are certain cell phone service providers (which we won’t name here) that have a pretty crummy reputation when it comes to customer service. If you don’t want to have another mind-numbing conversation with your cell phone service provider, then let us take care of it for you.

We Can Cover Printers
How long can your office function without a printer? Unless you’ve taken strides to go paperless, your office likely needs to print off several important documents every hour. To get operations back up and running again as fast as possible, give us a call and we’ll get our trusted IT partners on it.

We Can Cover Fax Machines
Maybe you’re still using a fax machine and you need it repaired so you can send an important fax. If you want it fixed, we’ll be happy to arrange it for you. However, we will also take an opportunity like this to let you know about easy communication solutions that make the fax machine obsolete. Informing you about better solutions is just one aspect of our vendor management service.

Yep, We Can Cover That Too!
Whatever technology that’s important to you and you want covered, just let us know about it. It never hurts to ask. We think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover just how extensive our vendor management service is.

The biggest advantage that comes with using Protek’s vendor management service is that we understand how urgent it is to find a fast fix for you. When you have to deal with the customer service department of a major technology corporation, the phone call will be impersonal and they may treat your call as an inconvenience, not a priority. To get outstanding customer service that covers all of your technology, give Protek a call at 844.796.1717.