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Microsoft Word is arguably the most used application at home and in the office, so isn’t it time you stopped using it wrong? This powerful and versatile tool has so much more to offer than the average user can utilize. But it doesn’t take a computer nerd to use these tips and tricks, so from us to you, here is the 5 ways you’ve been using Microsoft Word wrong.


1) Select Like a Pro


Stop clicking and dragging to select! This might sound simple enough, but it’s amazing how often we see people spending endless time individually formatting words or selecting sections.

Take for example, you are reviewing your document and don’t like a sentence where it is. Rather than waste time holding down the backspace button, click anywhere in the whole sentence while holding the Ctrl button and it will select the whole sentence. Then hit that backspace button once and your done, or you can relocate the sentence simply by dragging the highlighted section.Word SelectingIf you only want to select a single word try double clicking on it, or try triple clicking and you’ll select the entire paragraph.

You can also select a rectangular block of text by holding the Alt key and dragging across the text, this is great for formatting text.


2) Convert to Plain Text


When copying text from another source, commonly the internet, its formatting comes along for the ride. Stop going through the tedious task of “pasting as plain text” or rewriting the information, rather quickly reformat it by selecting the text (the quick way) and pressing Ctrl+Space Bar. This will take that annoying rich text and make it nice and uniform.


3) Change Word Case


It can be quite frustrating when you hit the Caps Lock key and don’t notice until your a paragraph into your letter, now starts the tedious task of rewriting all of that information. But it doesn’t have to be, simply select the section you want to change and hit Shift+F3 to cycle between UPPERCASE, lowercase and Camel case (first letter of a sentence capitalized).

Word Change CASEVoila, a simple and easy fix to a common problem!


4) Convert a List to a Table


Sometimes formatting can make all the difference, in a letter, paper, or presentation. So do it right by converting your lists into a table the easy way!

step 1- select the desired list

step 2- go to the insert tab, and click on the “tables” icon

step 3- select “convert text to table…”

step 4- press “OK”

Now you have a wonderful table with all your information sorted, you can now format the table to match the tone of your piece or simply make it look more professional. These options can be found in the “Design” and “Layout” tabs after clicking on the table.


5) Instantly Add Text Anywhere


You can instantly add text anywhere on the document by Double Clicking anywhere you want to type! This is especially useful when formatting, no more endless use of the tab button!


Word Select Anywhere




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